Application-to-Person (A2P) Messaging: A Beginner's Guide



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A2P, P2P, and SMS are just some of the terms that have bubbled up through the new messaging ecosystem that we live in today. With new apps and messaging tools springing up every day, people communicate faster than ever.

Some of the most significant tools in the intersection of business and communication fields include:

  1. A2P: Application-to-Peer messages that are sent from automated services to humans.
  2. P2P: Peer-to-Peer (or "Person-to-Person") messages that are sent between individuals.
  3. SMS: Short Message Service that is limited to 160 or fewer characters.
  • People in the United States send more than 6 billion SMS messages every day. It has revolutionized the way that people communicate. (Technically, A2P is a subset of SMS, so Application-to-Peer messaging is also called "A2P SMS").
  • While these phrases may seem like tech-jargon, they are reshaping the way that industries do business, and they represent a market that has grown by billions of dollars in recent years.
  • For a detailed look at how A2P messaging could help companies large or small, read on.

Everything You Need To Know About Market Overview

  • All of those A2P pings on phones contribute to the technology's financial growth.
  • According to recent research, the A2P SMS market was valued at $55 billion (USD) in 2014, a figure expected to swell to $70 billion by 2020.
  • The projection makes sense because SMS is the primary mobile-specific service that companies use to communicate with clients.
  • Today, people are comfortable getting text messages, whether they come from best friends or companies.
  • Studies have also found that customers will open SMS 98-99% of the time, making it a marketing tool with enormous potential. (By contrast, people open their emails just 20% of the time.)
  • The SMS industry is expanding throughout African countries, but its two most robust markets are currently in North America and the Asian Pacific. Communications companies are eyeing the latter region because of the huge populations of countries like India and China, which continue to sign up for mobile subscriptions.
  • With ample room to grow, there aren't any reasons to suspect that another messaging technology will replace A2P's convenience in the near future.

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