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CEQUENS Omnichannel Chat

Seamlessly connect with customers across platforms for unified communication and exceptional service.

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Fortify security with CEQUENS multifactor Authentication, shielding data with layers of user verification.

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CEQUENS Campaigns

Elevate engagement using CEQUENS, orchestrating targeted campaigns that resonate and drive results.

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Power up productivity with CEQUENS Bots, automating tasks and enhancing interactions for a smarter future.

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Location-Based Advertising

Drive impact with precision through Location-Based Advertising, targeting audiences where it matters most.

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Mobile Advertising

Amplify reach and ROI through Mobile Advertising, connecting brands with consumers in their digital world.

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CEQUENS Number Lookup

Enhance data accuracy and communication efficiency with CEQUENS Number Lookup services.

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CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway

Forge reliable connections with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway, ensuring seamless communication worldwide.

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Thousands of businesses rely on our cloud communications platform to build stronger connections with their customers.

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Seamless integration of communication channels for unified customer engagement and enhanced experiences.

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Intelligent conversational AI for personalized interactions, smarter customer engagement, and efficient support.

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Communication APIs


Empower applications with seamless messaging through the versatile CEQUENS SMS API.

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Messenger API

Integrate messaging capabilities effortlessly using the Messenger API.

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WhatsApp Business API

Forge customer connections on a global scale with WhatsApp Business API.

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Apple Business Chat API

Elevate customer experiences with Apple Business Chat API, revolutionizing engagement.

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Instagram API

Drive brand engagement and growth through Instagram API's creative communication solutions.

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Voice API

Transform communication with Voice API, delivering clear, reliable, and programmable voice interactions.

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Push Notifications API

Elevate security with Push notification API, safeguarding access through seamless verification.

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Google Business Messenger API

Maximize customer reach using Google Business Messenger API, expanding conversational horizons.

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MS Teams Phone

Integrate seamless communication into Microsoft Teams with CEQUENS MS Teams Phone solutions.

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Unlock versatile communication possibilities with CEQUENS SIP, enabling voice and data transmission over IP networks.

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Short & Long Codes

Reach audiences effectively using CEQUENS Short & Long Codes, tailored for impactful messaging and engagement.

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Thousands of businesses rely on our cloud communication platform to build stronger connections with their customers.

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