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Maximizing revenue with CEQUENS A2P SMS monetization & revenue assurance

While applications generate traffic globally, the absence of a universal system for identifying traffic sources and regulating transmissions creates challenges. Diverse laws, regulations, and commercial agreements among traffic originators and transit carriers lead to discrepancies, routing issues, fraud risks, and revenue reduction.

solution overview.

Solution Overview

CEQUENS introduces a comprehensive Monetization and Revenue Assurance Platform for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Leveraging extensive experience in handling billions of messages, our platform prevents revenue leaks, mitigates fraud risks, and optimizes earning potential.

Fraud prevention: CEQUENS' platform uses advanced algorithms to prevent revenue leaks and mitigate fraud risks

Real-time analytics: Gain insights into revenue performance for swift decision-making

Threat Prevention.

Threat Prevention

CEQUENS SMS Firewall thwarts unauthorized A2P SMS traffic, safeguarding network security and integrity. It prevents spam, spoofing, and network abuse, addressing challenges posed by grey routes, unauthorized means, and potential revenue losses.

AIT protection: Ensure robust protection against AIT (Artificial Inflation of Traffic) fraud with CEQUENS' platform

Revenue protection: Safeguard against potential revenue losses by addressing challenges posed by unauthorized means with CEQUENS SMS Firewall

Optimizing A2P SMS Traffic.

Optimizing A2P SMS Traffic

CEQUENS empowers MNOs to classify traffic based on sources, content, and business rules, allowing effective management of Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic. This optimization prevents revenue leakage, generates new income streams, and ensures profitability from A2P SMS traffic.

Traffic classification: CEQUENS enables MNOs to classify A2P SMS traffic based on various criteria, facilitating efficient management

Profitability assurance: Ensure profitability from A2P SMS traffic with CEQUENS' effective traffic optimization solutions

Revenue Assurance.

Revenue Assurance

Implementing an SMS Firewall, CEQUENS safeguards MNOs' infrastructure by identifying traffic sources and managing SMS traffic flow. Set business rules to ensure only legitimate traffic reaches mobile subscribers, preventing unauthorized traffic and revenue leakage.

Traffic source identification: CEQUENS' SMS Firewall identifies and manages SMS traffic sources, enhancing revenue assurance for MNOs

Business rule enforcement: Set customized business rules to filter out unauthorized traffic, ensuring revenue protection and integrity

How CEQUENS stands out?

Unlocking a World of Possibilities for Your Success

Global Presence

Wherever you and your customers are, CEQUENS is your worldwide telco partner, spanning across 100+ countries to ensure a truly universal presence.


CEQUENS offers an all-encompassing platform, addressing every customer touchpoint from mobile user security to seamless omnichannel customer experiences, providing a holistic solution tailored to your telco needs.

Innovative Leadership

Recognized by industry experts, CEQUENS stands at the forefront. Recognized by ROCCO as a Tier 1 A2P SMS Messaging Provider. Market Impact as leaders in CPaaS.

Agility & Adaptability

CEQUENS embraces the dynamic nature of the telecom landscape, ensuring your telco infrastructure stays ahead through agility and adaptability, anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of the industry.

Over the years, CEQUENS received widespread recognition of its service quality, personnel, and performance. These are some of the certificates and awards we are proud to have.


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Telco-optimized product stack for seamless customer offering

CEQUENS presents its product stack to help telcos enhance their service offering. Rooted in the principles of simplicity, security, and seamless integration, our tailored solutions empower telcos to effortlessly provide customers with top-tier engagement.

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Simple engagement for growth and retention

CEQUENS built its portfolio on the principles of simplicity, security and seamless integration. We extend our products supported by powerful technical infrastructure and a team of experts in deployment and operation to ensure you hit the ground running.

CEQUENS Omnichannel Chat

Transform engagement with customers through seamless multichannel communications.

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AI-powered bots that leverage NLP and AI to automate customer interactions and enhance user experiences.

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CEQUENS Number Lookup

Validate and enrich customer data with our reliable phone number lookup service.

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Enhance customer service with interactive voice response systems for efficient call handling.

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AI-powered NLP and AI bot that analyzes your site or documents to provide accurate answers to customer queries.

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Integrate SMS messaging capabilities into your applications and services with our powerful API.

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Messenger API

Seamlessly incorporate messaging functionality into your applications using our Messenger API.

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WhatsApp Business API

Engage with your customers on WhatsApp and automate business interactions using our API.

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Apple Business Chat API

Elevate interactions on Apple devices. Seamless communication and personalized experiences.

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Instagram API

Connect with your audience on Instagram through direct messaging using our Instagram API.

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Voice API

Elevate your communication needs with seamless voice communication using our robust Voice API.

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Push Notification API

Deliver real-time notifications to your users' devices with our efficient Push Notification API.

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Google BM API

Integrate Google Business Messages into your applications and streamline customer communication.

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Short & Long Codes

Utilize short codes for concise messaging or long codes for personalized communication and marketing.

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