API 101: Two-Way SMS API

Heba Eid.

By Heba Eid

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For years, when businesses sent a text message to an individual, it was usually restricted to one-way communication (from the company to the person). From a marketing perspective, this is not always the most effective method.

Two-Way SMS breaks down this barrier and helps brands engage in SMS conversations with their customers in real-time. To achieve this, companies have to obtain a long code or short code phone number that can be dedicated exclusively for this activity.

Two-Way SMS APIs can also be integrated by medical practices within their appointment scheduling software. This approach will help staff SMS patients to confirm appointments. Whenever they respond stating that they can’t keep an appointment, the system can automatically message them back with a list of alternate dates and times.

Like SMS APIs, Two-Way SMS APIs also come with the benefit of broadcasting large volumes of text messages in the customer’s preferred language, the ability to scale up or down, and verification of the quality of delivery.

However, Two-Way SMS can do so much more. For example, you can create dynamic automated responses that can be triggered by a predefined set of keywords. You can also engage in opt-in tracking and leverage delivery reports to ascertain the success of each campaign.

Key Benefits of Two-Way SMS APIs:

  1. Easy access to customers who have opted to receive SMS
  2. Low cost with high conversion and ROI
  3. Immediate direct message delivery
  4. Seamless integration with CRM platforms
  5. Schedule and automate marketing campaigns



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