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SMS Verification - verify

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Protecting your business and your customers’ identities from fraudulent activities has become more and more challenging. We understand just how important security is today and are proud to introduce Verify; a solution that’s specifically designed to offer you the highest level of security and a seamless verification experience for your users. Now you can effortlessly generate verification codes and authorize transactions with a click of a button. Verify allows you to use two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS or Voice Calls, enabling you to secure every stage of your service subscription journey.

Here’s what makes our Verify solution unique

Immediate Authentication
Immediate Authentication
Spend less time waiting for end-users to confirm their identities and simplify their verification experience.
OTP Generation
One-Time-Password Generation
Generate verification codes and send them to your users without worrying about extra operational costs.
SMS or Voice Authentication
SMS or Voice Authentication
Deliver your OTPs via SMS or Voice through our award-winning communications platform.
Enrich customer experiences and deliver verification codes over the phone through text-to-speech.
Analytics & Reporting
Analytics & Reporting
Get access to real-time analytics and comprehensive reports, including delivery and cost.
Multi-Language Support
Multi-Language Support
Deliver your OTPs in your customers’ language of choice to enhance their messaging experience.

How it works

How Verify Works?

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Our Verify Benefits

Validated Contacts Database

Verify the human identity of your end-users to protect your business from spam and avoid extra operational costs.

Higher Conversion Rates

Increase your conversion rates and ensure the delivery of your verification codes via SMS or Voice Calls.

Fraud Prevention

Safeguard your systems and your customers’ information against identity theft, unauthorized access, and fraudulent transactions.

Verify the identity of your users with added security

Use Cases



Secure your business and safeguard your database from unauthorized access by sending verification codes to your end-users while activating your service.

Use case banking


Authenticate the identity of your customers through their preferred channel (SMS or Voice Calls) whenever they need to reset their passwords.

use case ecommerce


Add an additional security layer to your online payment systems and allow your users to enjoy seamless verification for their online purchases.