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How to create a WhatsApp Business campaign?

Harness the power of WhatsApp Business for your brand. Discover how to seamlessly test WhatsApp Business features using CEQUENS.

How to upload a contact to your console?

Add a single contact or in bulk simply by uploading a list or integrating the platform with a third-party tool.

How to add credits to your console?

You can add credits to your account using PayPal, net banking, and credit cards. Once done, activate your account and use your favorite solutions.

How to create an SMS API Key with CEQUENS?

Try our award-winning SMS services with our step-by-step guide on configuring SMS API for your business.

How to setup Push Notifications for your app?

Set up and configure push notifications to engage your customers in real-time. Enhance user experience, boost app usage, and stay relevant.

How to contact CEQUENS support?

Our support wizards are right around the corner. Follow these simple steps, and our support team will be with you within 48 working hours.

How to complete your email verification on CEQUENS?

Not able to get started on CEQUENS due to pending email verification? Follow the step-by-step guide to complete your email verification.

How to setup Multi Factor Authentication with CEQUENS?

This tutorial covers step-by-step setup instructions for MFA via email and SMS, adding an extra layer of protection for users' accounts.

How to test WhatsApp on CEQUENS?

Ready to harness the power of WhatsApp Business for your brand? This guide will walk you through setting up a test campaign in less than a minute.

How to set up an FAQ chatbot?

Discover the secrets of automating customer support with our step-by-step tutorial on creating an FAQ chatbot on CEQUENS.

Effortless Setup: A Guide to Launching CEQUENS AI Agent

Revolutionize customer interactions with CEQUENS AI Agent. Easily set up intelligent conversational support for your business in this intuitive video guide.