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Various applications for high-precision audience targeting and personalization

CEQUENS's Location-Based Advertising solutions cater to various industries and use cases, delivering targeted campaigns that engage customers, boost conversions, and maximize ROI. Discover how our technology can take your business to new heights.

Reach your target audience

Capture attention with timely and location-specific messaging through geofencing capabilities. Activate customer interest at the right time and place, driving interactions and brand awareness.

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Retain and foster loyalty

Maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction by delivering relevant promotions and updates. Retain customers through ongoing location-based campaigns, fostering lasting relationships.

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Convert leads to customers

Personalize SMS advertisements based on subscriber data and location. Convert leads into loyal customers with tailored offers and compelling messages that resonate with individual preferences.

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Win customer interest

Capture attention with timely and location-specific messaging through geofencing capabilities. Activate customer interest at the right time and place, driving interactions and brand awareness.

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Key features of CEQUENS’s Location-Based Advertising

Explore CEQUENS's Location-Based Advertising features. From targeted reach to advanced analytics, our platform empowers businesses to communicate effectively, with remarkable results.

Precise Geolocation Targeting

Precise geolocation targeting

Using CEQUENS's Location-Based Advertising, you will be able to target audiences with precision using real-time geolocation. Send SMS ads to specific areas, ensuring timely engagement.

Geofencing for location-specific targeting

Pinpoint users based on current location

Enhance relevance for higher conversions

Personalized Campaigns

Personalized campaigns

CEQUENS's Location-Based Advertising offers personalized SMS campaigns. Use customer data for individualized offers and connections.

Utilize data for personalized ads

Deliver offers based on interests

Improve engagement with relevant content

Seamless Activation

Seamless activation

Activate interest through geofencing-triggered SMS ads. Engage users entering specific locations for real-time interactions.

Timely delivery of location-specific ads

Geofence-triggered messaging

Enhance engagement with contextual ads

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics

Gain insights into location-based campaign performance with CEQUENS's advanced analytics. Monitor clicks, conversions, and interactions for data-driven decisions.

Real-time tracking of ad performance

Measure effectiveness with reports

Data-driven decisions for improved ROI

Retention Strategies

Retention strategies

Strengthen loyalty with ongoing location-based campaigns. Engage customers with relevant promotions for lasting relationships.

Nurture loyalty with targeted campaigns

Foster relationships with personalized content

Drive repeat business and advocacy


Consumers find location based advertising useful


Better click through rates


Marketers agree it increases brand loyalty

Unlock the advantages of Location-Based Advertising

CEQUENS's Location-Based Advertising benefits businesses by precise targeting, enhanced engagement, and superior ROI. Elevate your strategy with location data for remarkable brand awareness, loyalty, and conversions through our innovative LBA platform.

Targeted engagement

CEQUENS's Location-Based Advertising ensures precision in geolocation targeting and personalized campaigns, connecting you with the right audience at the perfect moment. Location-specific messaging captures attention, driving interactions and boosting engagement for more impactful campaigns.

Enhanced ROI and conversions

CEQUENS's Location-Based Advertising maximizes ROI by delivering ads to focused audiences. Experience improved click-through and conversion rates with relevant, personalized offers. Witness measurable business outcomes through increased conversions.

Higher loyalty and retention

CEQUENS's Location-Based Advertising nurtures customer bonds. Engage customers with location-based promotions, updates, and offers. Build loyalty, repeat business, and brand advocacy, fostering lasting connections and sustainable growth.

Discover how our solutions have transformed businesses and facilitated seamless connections


“ CEQUENS is a partner that has relentlessly accompanied us on our journey. Our team was able to help us reach our customers more efficiently and with improved accuracy. This supported us in reaching more consumers and helped us raise awareness about our products in a secure and straightforward manner.”

Ahmed Mohsen.

Ahmed Mohsen



“ As a communication-driven team in Decathlon, our mission is to spread our message to communities. By utilizing CEQUENS's SMS API solutions, we were able to connect with existing customers and onboard new customers rapidly and efficiently, inviting them to be part of the Decathlon experience with one click.”

Carole Nady.

Carole Nady

Head - Digital Marketing


“ We are tech-based startup in the food industry, and are always looking for partnerships that can provide us with the needed agility, dependability, and quality of service that helps us grow in an extremely competitive and demanding market. Working with CEQUENS has been super fulfilling and rewarding for us.”

Muhammed Sayed.

Muhammed Sayed

Marketing Manager

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Frequently asked questions about Location-Based Advertising

Get answers about CEQUENS's Location-Based Advertising. Learn about LBA's power, benefits, and transformational potential for your marketing. For more queries, reach out to our team.

Location-Based Advertising is a targeted marketing approach that delivers advertisements to mobile users based on their real-time geolocation data, providing personalized and relevant content.

Yes, LBA can significantly increase ROI. By reaching the right audience with personalized campaigns, businesses experience higher click-through and conversion rates, leading to improved marketing performance.

LBA enhances customer engagement by delivering timely and location-specific messages, capturing attention at crucial moments and offering relevant content that resonates with individual interests.

To get started or learn more about our LBA solution, reach out to our sales team. They will provide you with detailed information, pricing options, and guide you through the setup process.

LBA fosters customer loyalty by delivering ongoing location-based campaigns, offering tailored promotions and updates that keep customers engaged and connected to your brand.

Yes, CEQUENS's LBA solution is flexible and caters to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, LBA can be tailored to fit your marketing needs.