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Boost customer engagement across industries with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway

Discover the power of CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway, offering tailored messaging solutions for diverse sectors. Using this intelligent solution, you will be able to deploy customer engagement strategies in marketing, healthcare, e-commerce, banking, and finance with success.

Built for efficiency, optimized for cost-saving

CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway helps identify ported numbers, eliminate cross-net charges, and ensure timely SMS delivery. Experience maximum usage with minimal cost.

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Embrace the cutting edge

Break over communication barriers with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway. This smart system offers versatile validation use cases for every business need, from verification codes to notifications. Using this product with contact validation, your growth will be a matter of time.

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Innovating the digital landscape

Unleash TrueNorth's potential: Boost delivery rates, slash costs, and lead the digital transformation charge. Real-time Number Lookup eliminates unnecessary charges.

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Seamless cross-channel continuity

Uninterrupted connectivity across channels with TrueNorth. Experience cross-channel failover without communication performance impact.

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Empowering features for seamless engagement

CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway offers a comprehensive suite of empowering features designed to streamline customer engagement. From advanced message status tracking to reliable delivery reporting, our platform ensures seamless communication with your audience. Take advantage of integration capabilities, flexible routing options, and robust user management for a superior messaging gateway experience.

Advanced Message Status Tracking

Advanced message status tracking

Stay informed about the status of your messages in real-time with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway's advanced tracking capabilities. Know exactly when messages are sent, delivered, or failed, enabling you to monitor the success of your communication efforts effortlessly.

Real-time updates on message delivery status

Insightful data to measure engagement

Instant notifications for failed deliveries

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Routing

Flexible routing options

Ensure message delivery even in challenging network conditions with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway's flexible routing options. Seamlessly route SMS messages to different carriers or networks and automatically switch to backup routes to guarantee reliable service.

Dynamic routing for optimized message delivery

Automatic failover for uninterrupted communication

Customizable routing rules for tailored campaigns

Robust User Management

Robust user management

Take control of your SMS gateway with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway's robust user management tools. Assign specific privileges to users, manage access levels, and maintain a secure and organized messaging infrastructure.

Role-based access controls for enhanced security

Effortless user onboarding and offboarding

Clear visibility into user activity and permissions

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Seamless integration capabilities

Integrate CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway with your existing systems and applications for a seamless customer engagement experience. Connect with CRM, e-commerce platforms, and other tools to optimize SMS campaigns and streamline data-driven decisions.

Easy API integration for quick implementation

Seamless data synchronization between platforms

Enhanced customer insights through integrated analytics

Reliable Delivery Reporting

Reliable delivery reporting

Gain valuable insights into message delivery performance using CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway's reliable reporting system. Receive detailed delivery reports from operators and store them for later analysis, enabling you to refine your communication strategies.

Detailed delivery analytics for data-driven decision-making

Operator-specific reports for monitoring performance

Long-term data storage for historical analysis


SMS open rates


Higher purchase rate


Customers expect immediate response

Benefits unleashed: Achieve more with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway

Elevate your communication strategy and revolutionize engagement with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway. Unlock a world of advantages that optimize messaging across industries, transcending boundaries and redefining success.

Enhanced reach

Expand reach with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway. Engage customers directly on mobile devices for a 98% open rate, ensuring wide visibility and campaign success.

Conversion optimization

Boost conversions with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway. Deliver personalized SMS messages for effective conversion, promoting offers and reminders that turn prospects into satisfied customers.

Customer retention

Foster loyalty with CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway. Keep customers engaged and informed through updates, reminders, and support. Deliver exceptional experiences for long-term relationships and brand loyalty.

Discover how our solutions have transformed businesses and facilitated seamless connections


“ Through CEQUENS’s solutions we were able to engage with our customers across their channel of preference, providing them with a convenient and reliable suite of solutions to deal with queries, pricing, delivery, and complaints. We look forward to working on more marketing strategies with their solutions.”

Ayman Shamout.

Ayman Shamout



“ As a communication-driven team in Decathlon, our mission is to spread our message to communities. By utilizing CEQUENS's SMS API solutions, we were able to connect with existing customers and onboard new customers rapidly and efficiently, inviting them to be part of the Decathlon experience with one click.”

Carole Nady.

Carole Nady

Head - Digital Marketing


“ Our goal is to provide our clients with solutions that make their transactions on our platform more meaningful. Deploying CEQUENS Bots, WhatsApp for Business API, and SMS API has enabled us to enhance the way Urenters reach out to us, positively impacting our ROI and client satisfaction rates.”

Omar Al-Ashi.

Omar Al-Ashi

Founder & CEO

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common queries about CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway in this FAQ section. We aim to address your concerns and provide clarity on our powerful SMS solution, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision for your business.

CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway empowers your business with dependable and secure SMS communication. Enhance customer engagement, optimize conversions, and retain loyalty through personalized messaging.

Yes, our solution caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, with flexible pricing plans designed to meet your messaging needs.

Absolutely! Our SMS API allows seamless integration with your CRM, applications, and software for a seamless customer engagement experience.

We prioritize data security. With on-premise options and strict access controls, you can be confident in protecting your customer data.

Yes, CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway provides real-time tracking of message delivery status, enabling you to monitor campaign effectiveness.

To get started or to inquire about pricing and features, contact our sales team. We are here to assist you in setting up the perfect SMS solution for your business needs.