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Creating customer-centric experiences that help brands capitalize on demand and cultivate existing connections for more growth.

Optimizing processes and accelerating growth

We cover the most critical functions of your platform with tools that improve processes and performance, secure data, and facilitate further growth.

Transaction security

We empower you with a lightweight solution that meets financial data security regulations and protects every transaction.

Self-service and management

Enable your customers to access and edit their profiles while maintaining your security requirements through multifactor authentication.

Customer service and support

Improve customer service and troubleshooting performance with AI and FAQ chatbots and devote employee to complex issue resolution.

Secure onboarding

Create a good first impression with a secure onboarding experience that meets regulatory requirements and customer expectations alike.

Products for you

Explore our products below and find out how we can transform your engagement into hassle-free experiences.


Protect systems and data with multifactor authentication, ensuring safe access to digital services through various communication channels.

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CEQUENS TrueNorth Gateway

Securely manage user interactions, leveraging advanced authentication protocols for trusted and compliant digital experiences.

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CEQUENS Number Lookup

Verify user data in real-time to enhance authentication mitigating fraud with accurate phone number intelligence.

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CEQUENS Omni-channel Chat

Streamline authentication workflows and ensure secure user verification across multiple channels using intelligent automation.

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CEQUENS Campaigns

Drive engagement through personalized campaigns, utilizing multi-channel communication to reach and connect with your audience effectively.

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CEQUENS Omni-channel Chat

Seamlessly interact with customers, delivering targeted messages and promotions across diverse channels for enhanced marketing communication.

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WhatsApp Business API

Leverage WhatsApp for interactive marketing, sending rich media content and engaging messages to your audience for impactful campaigns.

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Location-Based Advertising

Maximize engagement by delivering context-aware promotions, leveraging location data to create tailored marketing experiences for users.

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Provide instant support with AI-powered bots, handling routine queries and assisting customers 24/7 for enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Streamline support with interactive voice responses, guiding callers to the right solutions and reducing wait times for efficient assistance.

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Connect systems seamlessly to optimize support processes, ensuring a unified customer experience across multiple communication channels.

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Messenger API

Enable real-time assistance on messaging apps, empowering agents to resolve customer queries promptly while maintaining a smooth support journey.

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AI-driven bots offer instant, interactive responses across channels, enhancing customer engagement and fostering meaningful connections.

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CEQUENS Omni-channel Chat

Maintain strong digital connections and personalized engagement across platforms for seamless customer experiences.

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Push Notification API

Engage users proactively with timely updates and promotions to facilitate brand interaction and customer engagement on their devices.

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CEQUENS Campaigns

Stimulate and sustain engagement with tailored campaigns, leveraging multi-channel outreach to drive impactful interactions.

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Discover how our solutions have transformed businesses and facilitated seamless connections


“ Our goal is to provide our clients with solutions that make their transactions on our platform more meaningful. Deploying CEQUENS Bots, WhatsApp for Business API, and SMS API has enabled us to enhance the way Urenters reach out to us, positively impacting our ROI and client satisfaction rates.”

Omar Al-Ashi.

Omar Al-Ashi

Founder & CEO


“ As a communication-driven team in Decathlon, our mission is to spread our message to communities. By utilizing CEQUENS's SMS API solutions, we were able to connect with existing customers and onboard new customers rapidly and efficiently, inviting them to be part of the Decathlon experience with one click.”

Carole Nady.

Carole Nady

Head - Digital Marketing


“ Through CEQUENS’s solutions we were able to engage with our customers across their channel of preference, providing them with a convenient and reliable suite of solutions to deal with queries, pricing, delivery, and complaints. We look forward to working on more marketing strategies with their solutions.”

Ayman Shamout.

Ayman Shamout


Security and compliance

CEQUENS is certified for compliance with the world’s foremost information security standards. Our systems, solutions and operations are protected at all times against cyber threats with multiple layers of data security.


Certified with ISO 27001 for Information Security Management


Compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard


Multifactor multichannel authentication and OTP prioritization

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