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Reaching your customers instantly and securely has never been easier. Our powerful SMS APIs allow you to send large volumes of text messages to millions of users around the globe through our robust and PCI-compliant Cequens Communications Platform. Not only will you have the upper hand from start to finish, but you’ll also enjoy an omnichannel experience with several types of plugs that are specifically designed to meet your communication needs and maximize your business potential. Our SMS APIs were built to integrate with a myriad of messaging channels through your preferred interface, ensuring high scalability opportunities and low development efforts.

Here’s why our SMS APIs are different

  • sms api global reach
    Global Reach with MEA Focus
    Get immediate coverage to billions of customers around the globe through our 700+ global carrier connections and 85+ networks within the Middle East and Africa.
  • sms api quality
    Premium Quality
    Enjoy the premium quality of our efficient, adaptive routes that guarantee the accuracy and instant delivery of your messages to any destination in the world.
  • sms api availability & scalability
    High Availability and Scalability
    Reach your customers via our proprietary Cequens Communications platform that seamlessly integrates with your systems and supports multiple interfaces, with minimal management effort.
  • sms api pricing
    Fair Pricing
    Pay only for what you need and get the best value for your money, with our specific routes that consider your business needs and the urgency level of your messages.

How it Works

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Our SMS API Features

sms api multilingual encoding
Multilingual Encoding
Broadcast messages to your customers in their preferred language through our supporting character encoding feature anytime, anywhere.
Measurable DLR
Track the exact status of your messages with real-time analytics that let you know whether they’re queued, sent, failed, delivered or undelivered.
sms api routing
Dynamic, Adaptive Routing
Ensure message delivery through intelligent primary routes and back-up routes, supported by Cequens’ 24-hour automated testing services.
sms api quality index
Quality Index
Verify the quality of delivery for your messages by bench-marking it against the shared quality index, and ensure your rate is within range.
sms api number lookup
Integrated Number Lookup
Ensure delivery to all valid numbers, regardless of the MNP status, through our live HLR lookup.
sms api multiple interfaces
Multiple Interfaces
Opt for your most suitable interface and experience easy integrations that support HTTP and SMPP.
sms api message prioritization
Message Prioritization
Guarantee delivery time based on your traffic type with sub-accounts that support different priorities.
sms api compliance
Local Compliance
Guarantee compliance with local regulations and restrictions through our pre-defined routing rules.

Cost Optimization Kit

SMS Optimizer: Same Value, Less Cost

Now you can make every message count and cut additional costs with our SMS Optimizer, which allows you to replace long words in your messages with shorter ones without affecting the meaning or context.

By omitting extra marginal extensions, the overall character count of your transactional SMS will be reduced, which means you’ll be able to optimize your communication messages and maximize your commercial savings at the same time.

*Applies to messages exceeding 160 characters in English or 70 characters in Arabic.

SMS Optimizer

SMS Merger: More Value, Same Cost

You no longer need to overwhelm your customers with multiple messages and several announcements. Using our SMS Merger solution, now you can combine everything you need to communicate with your customers in one message - based on the available space and predefined timing.

Enjoy more value at the same cost by easily configuring your text message and adding promotional content, call-to-action transactional requests, or one-time passwords.

*Applies to messages exceeding 160 characters in English or 70 characters in Arabic.

SMS Merger

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Use Cases

use case OTTs


Send instant messages for account registration and service activation to ensure extra security measures.

use case Banking


Send transactional alerts and payment confirmations to save your customers’ time and effort.

use case government


Broadcast document processing updates and track all urgent traffic fines or notifications.

use case medical

Medical Services

Send doctor appointment confirmations or lab test notifications to enhance your customers’ experience.

use case travel

Leisure & Travel

Send automated booking reservations to customers and notify them of their flight status.

use case e-commerce


Notify customers of new product arrivals, clearance sales, or promotional discounts.

use case education


Confirm the status of student enrollment applications, or notify them about new courses and important events.

use case logistics


Allow your customers to track their shipments and notify them of delivery status updates.

use case real estate

Real Estate

Keep your customers updated with new launch announcements, construction updates and your latest installment plans.

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