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MTN Nigeria Case

MTN is the largest operator in Nigeria with 45 million subscribers. Expectedly, all international enterprises such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft are interested in sending A2P SMS to MTN subscribers to engage them with their alerting, notification, and chatting services.

Without firewall deployment, A2P traffic is usually sent through the international SS7 network, which does not allow the operator to monetize the potential of its customer base messaging. This is due to the fact that these networks are open to bulk SMS coming from any international source. In addition to the loss of potential revenue, such traffic usually carries spam and is difficult to control, potentially exposing the operators' subscribers to an unpleasant experience of spamming.

Recently, MTN Nigeria has addressed this issue by  deploying a firewall that blocks any international SMS bulk-sending without the consent of the operator. Thus, MTN Nigeria ensured that incoming bulk SMS are of real interest to subscribers, consequently controlling the spamming messages as well as generating new revenue to MTN.

Building on our promise to relentlessly deliver reliable services to our customers, Cequens provides its customers with a full-featured, direct connection to MTN Nigeria. 


Many bulk SMS providers I used for www.5starsmsng.com are always economical with the truth when it comes to telling us why our bulk SMS are not being delivered to MTN sometimes.

But Cequens has set themselves apart with this blog post. Thank you. Now I can better educate my customers. And thank you Cequens for addressing this issue with MTN. This industry is a difficult one. But it will be a lot easy if our service providers are honest and forthcoming with the truth.

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