Buffalo Burger, Roma Pizza To Go: Elevated customer journey and enhanced communication



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The Challenge

Quickly growing to become one of the largest F&B entities in Egypt over the past 15 years, Saal Invest’s Buffalo Burger and Roma Pizza To Go needed a simple and efficient way to reach out to more customers. With 45 Buffalo Burger branches and 4 Roma Pizza To Go branches across Egypt, the company embarked on a hunt for omnichannel communication solutions that aim to empower their clients through delivering clear and direct communication on their activities and services.

Additionally, Saal Invest’s ever-expanding client base prompted the company to look for convenient and up-to-date tools to deepen their connections with their clients, from customer service and complaints handling to conducting promotional campaigns informing customers about the company’s latest offers, new items, and discounts. 

The Solution

A fully integrated, easy-to-use communication hub with CEQUENS Bots and SMS API

Buffalo Burger and Roma Pizza To Go partnered with CEQUENS to identify solutions to elevate their customer journey by opting to choose:

  • CEQUENS Bots: For customer service and communicating with their customers who use their website on a daily basis to handle their inquiries and assist them with their ordering journey.
  • SMS API: For conducting promotional campaigns, in addition to directly and instantly reaching out to their customer database with news on their latest offers, discounts, and new items.

The Result

A more connected experience, increased customer base, and higher retention rates

Being a one stop shop; through their partnership with CEQUENS, Buffalo Burger and Roma Pizza To Go were able to easily and smoothly handle all aspects of marketing, customer support, web integration, and different communication channels to effectively and seamlessly reach their customer base.


“One of the main goals Saal’s marketing team is working on is enhancing the communication process and how we should reach our customers for better service and delivering the latest promotions and offers related to our brands. CEQUENS’s tools made that happen easily and conveniently through the use of SMS API as well as CEQUENS Bots.”



Suhail Torky

Co-founder and CEO at SAAL Invest

About SAAL

Established in Egypt in 2008 by four passionate brothers who shared one big appetite, SAAL Invest is the mother company for both Buffalo Burger and Roma Pizza To Go. With a focus on challenging the conventional idea that food served fast must be “junk food,” the company’s goal is to refine the industry to become an elevated culinary adventure where the ingredients are natural and the taste is spectacular. This vision has won over the Egyptian market, and Buffalo Burger now operates over 45 branches in Egypt with plans to launch in MENA region as well.

To connect with CEQUENS or inquire about our products and services, click here.

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