Khazna: Making financial services accessible to everyone with CEQUENS

Khazna case study

The Opportunity

Unlocking the potential to provide financial security to millions of unreached users through a super app

As one of Egypt's first and leading providers of smart phone based financial services, Khazna was looking to expand their customer base by reaching more than 30 million Egyptians who lack access to formal and official financial services. The company was in need of a secure, multi-channel cloud communication platform that would help them achieve brand awareness at scale and meet their marketing objectives in a cost-effective manner and over a reliable channel.  

The Solution

Delivering scalable messaging quickly, reliably, and securely with CEQUENS SMS API

In early 2021, Khazna partnered with CEQUENS to integrate one-way SMS as a solution to engage existing customers and extend their financial services to a wider client base by reaching an untapped market of over 30 million Egyptians with the objective of improving their financial well-being.

Using CEQUENS’s Multichannel Chat platform, Khazna was able to connect with their customers regularly, sharing news on promotions and new vendor partnerships, which helped Khazna to increase customer acquisition, retention, and business growth.

Additionally, all onboarding programs including newly activated users and Khazna card holders are being executed through CEQUENS.

The Result

Record-breaking success in customer acquisition, retention, and business growth

Retention rate 72% YoY
Through utilizing CEQUENS’s strong network, Khazna was able to target specific audiences, and retain 72% of their transacted customers in 2022. This percentage is still increasing. 

+110% YoY increase in transacting customer base
SMS campaigns helped Khazna achieve a +110% YoY increase in their number of conversions from existing customers to transacting customers.  

+ 86% YoY increase in number of transactions
CEQUENS’s detailed DLR report gave Khazna the knowledge and data required to further tweak their campaigns enabling them to boost their number of YoY overall transactions by 86%. 


“CEQUENS is a partner, one that has accompanied us on our journey since the beginning. The team was able to help us reach our customers efficiently and with improved accuracy. This supported Khazna in reaching more consumers and raising awareness about our products in a secure and efficient way.”



Ahmed Mohsen

Chief Operating Officer at Khazna

About Khazna

Khazna is a Cairo-based financial super app that offers easy to use, technology-driven financial services to Egypt’s underserved consumers and micro-businesses. Khazna’s super app caters to 45% of Egyptians who borrow informally at least once a year and lack access to formal financial services. Khazna currently offers General Purpose Credit, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), Bill Payment, and the Khazna Prepaid Card. The company’s vision is to digitize cash transactions across Egypt, in response to the Central Bank of Egypt’s recent push for financial inclusion and a “less-cash” framework.

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