Premium Card: Dynamic, nation-wide promotion with omnichannel solution



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Case study.

Established as an industry pioneer and market leader in 2002, Premium Card stands as Egypt’s foremost zero-interest, bank-independent installment card provider. With a merchant network boasting more than 10,000 shops, benefiting over 200,000 families, collaborating with more than 1,000 corporations, and with over 30 activation points in malls and flagship stores, Premium Card facilitates multimillion Egyptian pound B2C transactions across Egypt daily. 

The Opportunity

To support their ongoing exponential growth plans and out of the box promotional concepts, and with the overall aim of enriching their customer experience journey through omnichannel chat solutions, Premium Card explored partnering with a CPaaS provider. The company additionally aimed to acquire crucial data and analytics to further hone their communication strategies while accommodating their growing number of customers.  

The Solution

With a continuously expanding clientele base, Premium Card partnered with CEQUENS, choosing CEQUENS SMS API, due to the company’s ability to keep pace with their dynamic promotional campaigns, and their expertise in furnishing essential data and analytics to optimize their communication strategies. Shortly thereafter, Premium Card embarked on a mission to enhance their clients' experiences by leveraging omnichannel chat solutions in a cost-effective, scalable, and seamlessly integrated manner through choosing CEQUENS WhatsApp for Business API and CEQUENS Omnichannel Chat

The Result

35% enhancement in cost of conversion


Leveraging CEQUENS SMS API, Premium Card successfully dispatches millions of SMS monthly to inform customers about diverse promotions, activities, and general updates regarding new vendors and offerings. Thanks to the new capabilities of the SMS console, Premium Card was able to utilize console scheduling and analytical features to be more efficient in campaign management and customer targeting, which led to a 35% enhancement in the cost of conversion costs. 

15% of client accounts offloaded to CEQUENS WhatsApp for Business API 


By actively engaging their Premium Card’s customer base through their preferred communication channel, CEQUENS WhatsApp for Business API and the creation of a smart chatbot connected to Premium Card’s backend, customers were able to effortlessly manage their account via CEQUENS WhatsApp for Business API. Due to this innovative feature, 15% of customers' account management engagements were offloaded from IVR to the API in as short as 3 months. 

Record-breaking surge of 20K in opt-ins in a single month  


In November 2023, Premium card ran a massive campaign where customers got the chance to win gold coins. To streamline customers’ opt- ins, Premium Card capitalized on both CEQUENS WhatsApp for Business API and call-to-action SMS API capabilities, to engage customers in 2-way communication. Through this dual approach, customers were able to learn about the competition as well as opt in by simply clicking a unique link via SMS or by scanning a QR code via WhatsApp. The result: well over 20K customers opted in successfully in the gold competition, achieving a record-breaking surge in opt-ins within a single month. 


“CEQUENS solutions have played a pivotal role in actualizing our objective of elevating the customer experience within our rapidly growing Premium Card network. As a company committed to customer-centricity, we value the efficiency of WhatsApp for Business API and CEQUENS Omnichannel Chat in addressing queries and guiding users, as well as offering innovative solutions that empower customers and seamlessly facilitate their interaction with their consumer finance provider. Additionally, CEQUENS SMS API and console haves empowered the team with much better tools to schedule, create, and track SMS campaigns, which increased the team’s efficiency as well as gave them invaluable insights leading to substantial cost of conversion reduction.”



Osama Farid

CEO of Premium Card


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