Customer Interview: Phygital experiences the new norm for workspace-as-a-service



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Customer interview

Work trends have changed around the globe, and hybrid and remote work blended with technology are the new norm for everyone from Gen Z to Baby Boomers. This shift created a need for flexible solutions to accommodate the dynamic nature of how people work. In this interview, Fatma Ashraf, Co-founder & COO of Moca Spaces, highlights the need to focus on the phygital experience to enhance workspace-as-a-service and gain a competitive advantage. 

Tell us about Moca.
Moca is a technology and space brand that believes in the social element, coffee, and community to enhance the workplaces of today and the conversion of unutilized spaces into modern and functional workspaces. With the introduction of the Moca app, users can instantly book a workspace, meeting, or event space instantly and seamlessly. We provide spaces everywhere, meaning your neighborhood restaurant, cafe, bistro, or clubhouse can be your office for the day. Customers are invited to enjoy working days in a unique social atmosphere, with like-minded people, fresh coffee, and fresh food served right from the kitchen. We believe that good times and work can meet! 

What kind of digitization services do you offer? 
We offer workspace On Demand booking empowered by digitized solutions such as unique plans, e-wallet, digital passes, online food order, Wi-Fi connectivity, meeting guest management, and AI meetings management and communication. 
What motivated you to choose omnichannel solutions to bolster your business?
Omnichannel solutions was a natural next step for us, as it connects the dots in our digital experience and complements our communication throughout the customer journey.
How do you feel CEQUENS SMS API will better help your customers?
We integrated CEUQUESN SMS API to manage our customers’ sign up to the Moca app and SMS team invitations to download the app to enable meeting spaces bookings and guest management through SMS, which also provides customers with meeting details and an access pass.  
CEQUENS’s pricing model was the most convenient in comparison with other service providers. It also provided us with flexibility with our integration requirements and requests. CEQUENS also has 10+ years of experience in the market and field, which made them the right partner for our technology and company.

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