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CEQUENS Omni-Channel Chat + CEQUENS Bots *

Together, these two powerful solutions offer excellent customer support and brand engagement through multichannel integrations on WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Google RCS, and more.

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  • Brand engagement through multichannel integrations on WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Google RCS, and more.
  • Excellent customer support

Pricing is available in pre-paid and post-paid options for your convenience. $5/month per agent.

Plan Features:

FAQ BOT Included



1 Agent


Please refer to additional channel costs.


Protect user identities or accounts against online fraud through secure 2-factor authentication and seamless verification experiences.

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  • CEQUENS MFA: Authentication through SMS, Voice and other channels

Success price:

$ 0.01

Price for verification requests only.

CEQUENS Number Lookup

Detect invalid, unreachable and outdated contacts in your databases and verify their validity to increase your message delivery rates.

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Pay as you go


10 Million+


20 Million+


30 Million+


50 Million+



Connect through global carriers and send unlimited texts to anyone in the world using our dedicated interface or scalable APIs.

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Request price:

$ 0.005 /message

Voice API *

Reach customers through Voice calls or messages and make everybody feel listened to with minimal costs and zero infrastructure.

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  • Voice API: High-quality voice services through various providers

$ 0.000015 /sec

WhatsApp Business Pricing API *

Take your customer engagement further than ever before. Break space and time boundaries using communication APIs validated by WhatsApp.

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Monthly Subscription

  • Our pricing structure includes a flexible monthly fee that depends on the number of conversations used, along with Meta fees charged per conversation, and an additional 7% surcharge on these Meta fees.

Conversation Charges

  • In addition to the Monthly Subscription fee, there are Meta fees based on the number of conversations used until the balance is used up.
  • Postpaid customers will have an extra 7% added to their Meta fees.


(Conversations Count)

0 - 50000 50000 - 100000 100001 - 250000 250001 - 500000 500001 - 1000000 1000001 - 2500000 2500001 - 5000000 5000001 - 10000000
Monthly Fee
$60 $114 $270 $528 $1,032 $2,520 $4,920 $9,600

More information on new Meta pricing: CLICK HERE

MS Teams Phone *

Experience an all-in-one, cloud-based phone system that saves you time and money. Microsoft Teams Phone is a trusted and scalable cloud-based solution for making worldwide phone calls.

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$ 0.000015 /sec

Short & Long Codes

Send and receive messages in any format through our global lightening-speed network.

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*Some of the prices indicated on this page are starting prices. The final price will be calculated based on the volume and scope of the request.

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