Urent: Rapid response and quality customer service with CEQUENS’s WhatsApp Business API, SMS API, and CEQUENS Bots solutions



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The Challenge

As a leading regional multi-category P2P marketplace for listing and renting vehicles that focuses on convenience and competitive prices, Urent quickly expanded in the market. However, it struggled to accommodate the exponentially growing number of calls and could no longer keep up with the hundreds of requests they received each day. 

The Solution

A one-stop communication hub with CEQUENS's WhatsApp Business API, SMS API, and CEQUENS Bots

Urent partnered with CEQUENS on an omnichannel communication solution. The new suite of services, which include WhatsApp Business API, SMS API, and CEQUENS Bots, provided Urent’s ever-growing client base with multiple ways to access information and receive answers to their queries such as FAQs, office location, and customer service in a timely and secure manner. 

The service also enabled Urent to monitor the frequency and quality of WhatsApp responses made by their employees. Additionally, it helped them streamline their response process while identifying more effective messaging for efficient communication with their clients.

The Result

Omnichannel communication for a seamless customer journey with significantly improved results

38% increase in bookings made through WhatsApp Business API

The availability of a bilingual conversation channel made it possible for customers to interact with Urent’s platform easily in their language of preference.

60% decrease in client response lag time

CEQUENS Bots’ ability to expedite the customer communication journey reduced customers' waiting time. It also enabled Urent’s customer service center to respond to customers transferred to their call center with a suitable solution at rapid pace.

40% increase in website visits

Choosing CEQUENS’s suite of omnichannel communication solutions enhanced the overall customer journey, which resulted in a 40% increase in the number of visits to Urent’s website.


“CEQUENS has elevated the level of our communication with our customers by addressing their more prevalent inquiries through providing us with scenarios that highlight specific problems. This has helped our customers to identify challenges and solutions before an agent picks up the ticket. Through joining forces with CEQUENS by deploying CEQUENS Bots, WhatsApp Business API, and SMS API we have effectively been able to enhance the way Urenters reach out to us and receive the answers they want, in both English and Arabic at any time.”



Omar Al-Ashi

Founder and CEO at Urent

About Urent

Urent is committed to facilitating commercial vehicle reservations in the MENA region. Urent is an innovative solution where users can use their smartphones to rent or list vehicles hassle free and cash in on amazing deals at the same time. The company assists traditional rental companies and private hosts to move their business online through their perfectly engineered Urent platform that offers full P2P coordination between the host and the tenant.

To connect with CEQUENS or inquire about our products and services, click here.

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