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1. HTTP(S) Interfaces

a. GET and POST

The GET and POST Interfaces offer a number of messaging queries and SMS features that can be performed by forming the designated URL. These queries request responses and potential errors as well as  descriptions of their parameters. The GET interface can be accessed through the browser and can form an HTTP POST request through your system to access the POST interface.

b. Web Service (SOAP)

Web services are utilized for easier integration with systems that send SMS messages. A single method is provided that accepts the same parameters as a basic HTTP (GET and POST) query and returns an array of response object for easier handling by the client system.

c. XML Handler

XML connection allows easy sending of single or bulk SMS with more control over SMS sending parameters and uses industry standard XML for interoperability. It is ideal for businesses that wish to integrate SMS sending through existing systems or new systems. Cequens provides comprehensive reports through the web.

2. SMPP:

Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol is a standard for sending and receiving SMS messages. SMPP connection is ideal for businesses that need to send large volumes of SMS each month. Cequens supports connection via the SMPP protocol using global SMPP V3.4 standards and provides comprehensive reports through the web.

3. SMTP:

A SMTP interface can be used for quick integration with enterprises. You can send messages from any email account, which is pre-registered to Cequens SMSC, then formulated to an SMS request to target the destination cellular phone. 


The SIGTRAN protocols specify the means by which SS7 messages can be reliably transported over IP networks. They are ideal for having a direct reliable connection over the IP network without the need for any direct physical connection.

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