The Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing

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The Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing

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Short Message Service (SMS) marketing is an economical, high-yield tactic that relies on text messages to deliver content. It is a smart way to reach the ever-growing consumer market of mobile phone users. This is because it is instantaneous and features 98% open rates and 36% click-through potential.

SMS marketing is the best method to send time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to those who have subscribed. It allows businesses to lure new clients while exhausting the purchase potential of the existing ones.

Success in SMS marketing involves a combination of both science and strategy to achieve the set targets. Luckily, this post discusses the tips that companies can implement to get the best out of SMS marketing. Here are the 5 key SMS marketing essentials every company should have in mind;

Businesses can use SMS marketing to push products that suit different age groups or a massive global market. They might think that data may lower their potential to reach the targeted wider markets. On the contrary, data plays a vital role in structuring marketing messages aimed at different customer segments.

A data-driven SMS marketing platform helps businesses to personalize their messages. This allows them to appeal to different customer sub-segments effectively. Delivering more precise, personalized content will enable enterprises to develop true, value-based relationships with their clients.
Great analytics help businesses to know the best times to send SMSs to ensure better customer engagement. Data also allows businesses to track customer behavior, engagement, and responses to ensure smarter decisions.

Sender ID allows organizations to personalize their marketing text messages with their brand name. This is essential in helping to establish an instant connection with clients. The customers will then have a higher probability of opening and reading the texts. Branding is not only essential to driving client engagement but also a legal requirement.

Companies should shorten their Sender ID in a manner that allows the retention of brand identity. This is because most providers will offer a character limit of 11 digits. They can leverage on alphanumeric characters in both upper and lower cases.

SMSs have a limit of 160 words, and businesses should use it wisely to express themselves. This means going straight to the point and having a clear, concise message. Messages written in plain English without emoticons, abbreviations, and in all caps are catchier.
The information offered in the message should be enough. Open-ended messages rarely inspire client engagement.

Call-To-Action buttons increase customer engagement meaning that businesses have to include them in all their marketing texts. The call-to-action should contain a keyword that stands out to inspire a response. The winning call-to-action phrases include the following;
• “Show this text”: Where businesses tell customers to reveal their texts to get a discount at a store, restaurant, etc.
• “Click here”: Sometimes, space may be insufficient to offer all the details that a client might need. As such, a link to the website, video, or other sources where more details are offered is important.
• “Text to win”: Awards motivate people, and a chance for them to win something will inspire engagement.
• “Text to vote”: This is effective when an organization wants to do a poll on particular services, product prices, and quality.
• “Buy now”: This is highly effective for clients who are known to purchase certain items or services. The “buy now” button simplifies their purchase process.

Business marketing should be centered on results to help inform business decisions. It is important to know what is working and what needs to be rejigged. It is vital to know how many people actively engaged and the number of those that opted out. Tracking the progress of SMS marketing campaigns allows businesses to, among other things, estimate their ROI.

Cequens specializes in offering solutions for businesses that need to communicate to a global market. Our services include intuitive SMS software that helps businesses to spark customer engagement and inspire purchases. Our SMS marketing package includes comprehensive analytics to help shape future campaigns.

We can help you to revolutionize your organization’s communication experience through the use of modern smart technology. Check out our SMS marketing solutions and request a free demo from one of our reliable experts today.

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