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Number Discovery API

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With our Number Discovery APIs that employ direct SS7 operator partnerships, you’ll significantly decrease the number of undelivered messages and reduce costs by verifying the validity and operational status of your mobile numbers before engaging with your customers. Once you integrate your systems with our platform, routing by Mobile Number Portability (MNP) will allow you to optimize messaging costs and improve communication efficiencies, while querying real-time HLR will unlock more insights on the roaming status of your contacts database before terminating any SMS. The hassle of sending messages to recipients with invalid numbers is over. Now you can validate your customers’ mobile numbers and ensure you’re spending your time and budget effectively.

Here’s what make our Number Discovery APIs Unique

  • number discovery api coverage
    Global Reach
    Get immediate coverage to billions of customer handsets around the globe with our direct SS7 connectivity with multiple operators.
  • number discovery api speed
    High Speed and Accuracy
    Ensure the delivery of your messages with our discovery services with real time inquiry of mobile number portability with your contacts. Because timing is everything.
  • number discovery api reliability
    Reliability and Scalability
    Experience consistency and quality through our interface that’s built on a high-availability architecture and connected through countless operators. We’re always up and running.
  • number discovery api pricing
    Fair Pricing
    Pay only for what you need and get the best value for your money, with our tailored pricing plans that are built to reduce your commercial costs.

How it works

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Our Number Discovery APIs Features

Reliable Integrations
Experience reliable, fast integrations to our HLR service through our API and ENUM interfaces.
High Performance
Experience high performance and operator-grade speed in Real HLR inquiries over the SS7 network.
Enjoy worldwide coverage through multiple SS7 GTs, with interconnect agreements with global networks.
number discovery api Detailed Reports
Detailed Reports
Assure the quality of our service through our detailed country- and network-specific reports.
number discovery api MNP vs HLR
Choose your preferred channel from our local database (MNP) or our live number looked (HLR).
number discovery api Guaranteed Delivery
Guaranteed Delivery
Ensure delivery to all valid numbers, regardless of the MNP status, through our live HLR look-up.

We know that validating mobile numbers can be time-consuming

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MNP Lookup

Real-Time HLR

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Use Cases

number discovery api otts


Increase the quality of message delivery to reflect on your activation and subscription rate of your service.

number discovery api marketing

Marketing Agencies

Identify working mobile numbers to ensure delivery of messages and achieve higher ROI.

number discovery api banking


Validate the origin and home network of your contacts database to eliminate high cross-net charges.

number discovery api aviation


Cleanse your database before sending booking confirmations or flight cancellation notifications to your customers.

number discovery api aggregators


Empower your adaptive routing engine and increase the delivery quality index to improve your profit margins and avoid cross-net charges.



Cleanse outdated or unreachable mobile numbers in your database to guarantee accuracy of message delivery.

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