Benefits of SMS in the Retail Space

Benefits of SMS in the Retail Space

SMS for Retail
  1. In the retail industry, communication means everything. From inventory processes to solving customer disputes, the success of a retailer depends on their success with communication. But with so many processes happening and systems being managed all at once, it’s vital that a retailer has skilled employees and the right tools to do the job correctly. And in a world full of new technological advancements, there are many tools at the hands of retailers everywhere. In this post, we’ll talk about the key objectives of retailers and discuss how SMS can change the way that retailers do business.

Retailer Objectives

There are many goals set forth by retailers. From short-term to long-term objectives, these goals help retailers succeed for not only the owners and employers, but also customers. Take a look at some common objectives below:

  1. 1. Boosting Sales

We all know that retailers always push boosting sales. These companies constantly look for innovative, creative ways to engage customers and drive more sales.

  1. 2. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates

When customers shop online, they frequently leave shopping carts full without making a purchase. Businesses constantly set objectives to help limit the amount of open carts left on their sites.

  1. 3. Create a Database

From sending reminders to promoting specials, growing a large database of customers is a key objective for retailers. However, growing this database isn’t always easy.

  1. 4. Improve Communication

Whether it’s internal communication or communication with customers, this objective always holds high priority with retailers. With companies growing by the second and customers becoming more tech-savvy overnight, having the right tools and processes is vital for a retailer's communication efforts. Having proper tools and processes in place will help to improve communication for all parties—leading to a boost in sales, better efficiency, and an improvement in customer satisfaction.

The Power of SMS

SMS, or short message service, involves text messages that are sent to various individuals as a form of communication. SMS is an amazing communication tool and many people stay engaged via SMS. Take a look at these stats:

  • 75% of the time, people prefer getting coupons via SMS (Digital Marketing Magazine)
  • People read over 98% of SMS messages, compared to just 22% of emails (Frost & Sullivan)
  • The clickthrough rate of URLs in SMS messages is over four times higher than those in emails (TextBoard & Mailchimp)
  • 79% of smartphone users use their phones for shopping purposes and 74% of them result in making a purchase (Google & Ipsos)
  • Companies utilizing SMS reach 95% of smartphone and non-smartphone users (Source:

Given these statistics, it’s pretty evident that SMS has taken a strong hold on reaching an audience when it comes to the retail space. Now we’ll discuss a few solutions that the right SMS service can provide for retailers.

Friendly, Time-Sensitive Reminders

Sometimes shoppers need reminders to help keep them on track. With so many distractions involved when shopping online, it can become easy for the shopper to stray away from the page. SMS can send friendly reminders to shoppers who left items in their cart, or shoppers who have looked at certain items but never made a purchase. When these texts are sent at the right time, they can be very effective.

Sending Promotions

A great way to send coupons and specials is through SMS. These messages can be personalized for the customer—maybe in regards to products that they frequently shop for. Here, a company can promote special pricing and even include a link to their online store.

Shipping and Delivery Notifications

Another benefit of SMS for retailers is the ability to track packages and delivery communication throughout the whole shipping process. From tracking where the package is to confirming that the customer is home when the package is being delivered, all of this can help the customer stay informed of the shipping process at all times.


Cequens Can Help

From sending targeted promotions to customers to ensuring their packages are being delivered, Cequens can provide you with the tools you need to succeed. We proudly serve the Middle East and Africa region to help businesses crush their communication goals. Cequens offers a wide variety of communication services to help keep your customers and employees engaged. We provide sophisticated SMS solutions that are focused on your specific company objectives.

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