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two way sms api

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Cequens Two-Way SMS APIs are designed to offer you an easy and efficient way to communicate, allowing you to send and receive messages instantly through your choice of long- or short-codes. Now you can swiftly integrate your systems with multiple interfaces via our Cequens Communications Platform, and immediately experience how easy it is to activate your services and encourage your customers to subscribe to receive your announcements and notifications. You can also learn more about your customers’ preferences through their responses, enabling you to customize your future messages and avoid unnecessary costs. At Cequens, we’re continuously working on delivering better and simpler ways to help you communicate with your audiences and take actions based on their responses. 

Here’s what makes our Two-Way SMS APIs Unique

  • two way sms api coverage
    Superior Coverage
    Get immediate coverage to billions of customers around the globe through our global networks and premium connections within the Middle East and Africa.
  • two way sms api quality
    Premium Quality
    Enjoy the premium quality of our efficient, adaptive routes and enhance your customers’ experiences while guaranteeing instant message delivery and receipt of your messages, anywhere you may be in the world.
  • two way sms api availability
    High Availability and Scalability
    Reach your customers via our proprietary Cequens Communications platform that seamlessly integrates with your systems and supports multiple interfaces, with minimal management effort.
  • two way sms api pricing
    Fair Pricing
    Send and receive message using long or short codes with flexible pricing schemes. Our different packages offer fair pricing modules and best value for money, designed to fit every budget and business need.

How it works

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Our Two-Way SMS API Features

Multilingual Encoding
Multilingual Encoding
Broadcast messages to your customers in their preferred language through our supporting character encoding feature anytime, anywhere.
Delivery Reports
Delivery Reports
Assess the efficiency of your campaigns by retrieving the history log of your messages and tracking their delivery status.
Opt-In Tracking
Opt-In Tracking
Track your customers’ interactions (opt-in, opt-out) or your predefined dynamic responses through our dashboard.
Simple Integrations
Simple Integrations
Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our short code numbers and receive forwarded replies through our easy-to-integrate HTTP interface.
Instant Access
Instant Access
Reserve your long-code number and immediately interact with your audiences through our customized APIs.
Dynamic Response
Dynamic Response
Build your own keyword tree and automate your replies based on your customers’ responses.

Looking for more?
Now you can send and receive messages based on your needs

Get immediate access to long or short codes in the MEA region to enhance your time-to-market
and reduce commercial costs, based on the regulations of your country.

Long Code Numbers

Short Code Numbers

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Use Cases

use case banking


Allow your customers to instantly activate their credit cards and receive their immediate responses.

use case media


Invite your customers to subscribe to receive news, weather forecasts, etc.

use case e-commerce


Encourage your customers to activate and use seasonal promotions and vouchers.

use case shipping

Shipping and Delivery

Send shipment alerts or receive confirmations of your delivered items from your customers.

use case ngo


Notify potential donors of charity aids and collect their contributions.

use case healthcare


Assist your patients in booking their doctor appointments and confirming their attendance.