Why SMS is still in the lead

Ahmed Shabrawy.

By Ahmed Shabrawy

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SMS is here to stay.

CPaaS technology has built a bridge between businesses and clients, enabling them to build meaningful connections, foster trust, and increase loyalty. The ability for clients to access information anytime, anywhere has also played a role in enhancing the overall customer journey. Informed clients make more confident and more sizeable decisions, which bodes well for a company’s ROI.

SMS has and continues to play an integral role in any entity’s communication and marketing journey as it boasts several unique and valuable advantages such as:

1) SMS is instant and guaranteed

For those who prefer instant reward, SMS displays an almost 99% delivery rate, reaching customers virtually instantly.

2) SMS is more impactful when combined with customer data and insights

The SMS cycle does not stop at merely reaching customers. Engaging with clients via SMS combined with customer data and insights enables businesses to deliver consistent and personalized experiences to their customers with a data-driven strategy.

Data unlocks the potential for any company to hone their marketing strategies through client targeting and segmentation. Targeted campaigns have tremendous impact on companies wishing to, for example, cross-sell or upsell, whereas segmenting customers allows businesses to either leave unresponsive customers out of future campaigns or communicate with them via other channels.

3) SMS is the preferred choice of communication among younger audiences

Using the power of data is all the more important during marketing campaigns, where SMS’s high rate of readership and awareness can help companies stand out from the crowd, converting audiences into instant clients through effective communication.

During sale seasons for example, it’s not only about what you say to your clients, but rather when you say it. So, for any planned promotional activity, companies will need to start early and will need to message often. With studies indicating that 45% of millennials and 43% of Gen Z prefer receiving texts from brands, rest assured that your campaigns will be heard.

How to boost sales through SMS

The first rule is to ensure that the content of your messages is attractive and clear. Nevertheless, loyalty is an integral part of the SMS campaigning journey, and customers who choose to stick with a brand are recommended to be rewarded. Look into adding additional benefits for your loyal customers such as special discounts, priority on limited availability items, or free home delivery.

Remember, campaigns are only effective if they are, quite simply, opened. Ensure your messages are read by including your company name so people know who you are, and your subscriber’s name for a personalized experience. Only message consenting customers and always include a way for subscribers to opt out of your SMS marketing at the end of the message.

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