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Campaign Wizard

Target • Engage • Analyze

Enabling brands to successfully reach their target audience is the main objective of any steered marketing efforts. And for this sole purpose, we hereby present Campaign Wizard, a novel platform that allows marketers to effortlessly create SMS or Voice campaigns, send time-sensitive alerts or notifications, encourage customers to take real action, in addition to monitor the performance and delivery of promoted campaigns. Not only our platform is designed to help you spread value-added promotions, but also to enrich your customers’ experience and increase their brand loyalty.

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How Campaign Wizard Works?

Our Campaign Wizard Features

SMS Campaigning
Create SMS campaigns that provide interactive experiences with your customers by adding call-to-action URLs.
Voice Broadcasting
Launch voice campaigns for seasonal promotions or surveys using our dynamic text-to-speech feature.
Campaign Listing
Get fast and easy access to all of your SMS and Voice campaigns, including their history and details.
User Profiles Accessibility
Assign individual roles and responsibilities to all user profiles and avoid operational hassles.
Contacts Management
Upload your contacts list without having to update it manually every time you initiate a campaign.
Grouping & Filtering
Create contact groups and filter your database to remove invalid or duplicate contacts/user profiles.
Analytics & Reporting
Explore the full cycle of campaigning by checking the delivery of messages and monitoring responses.
Third-Party Integrations
Integrate our platform with your systems and third-party apps to experience real-time engagement.

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There’s More To Using Campaign Wizard

Changing the Rules of Engagement for Today’s Customer-Centric Businesses.

Reliable A/B Testing

Accelerate the feedback loop and guarantee immediate responses from your customers by split-testing different call-to-actions.

Increased Revenue

Ensure the success of your SMS or Voice campaigns, increase your business revenue, and attain higher conversion rates.

Focused Segmentation

Guarantee reliable results and avoid extra costs by segmenting and selecting the right audience for each campaign and message.

Easier Accessibility

Enjoy the unlimited features of our user-friendly platform that is specifically designed to help marketers create campaigns effortlessly.

Unleash the full potential of your marketing campaigns

Use Cases

campaign wizard Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies

Conduct A/B testing to ensure the effectiveness of your campaigns and avoid overspending.

campaign wizard Event Planning Agencies

Event Planning Agencies

Schedule automatic alerts to remind your customers of important dates and events.

campaign wizard OTTs


Allow your subscribers to book appointments, install upgrades or signup to your new services.

campaign wizard Real Estate

Real Estate

Track your customers’ responses and interest in promotions and measure their level of satisfaction.

campaign wizard Market Research Agencies

Market Research Agencies

Provide an interactive surveying experience for your customers through voice campaigns.

campaign wizard Banking


Notify your customers with their transactions to enhance their customer experience.

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