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Build SMS, Voice, and Email campaigns from scratch, send them to anyone, anywhere — and see the conversion results for yourself.

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Campaign Wizard
Trusted by 400+ businesses worldwide.

Bring magic to every performance.

Campaigns is where conversations flow naturally and results come naturally, too. Now you can plan and execute stunning campaigns in four simple steps. Charm audiences with your delivery. Blow up conversion rates. Attract and retain sales leads. And watch the desired results come to fruition.

Bring magic to every performance.

Target marking.
Target marketing.

Marketers can use Campaigns's powerful tools to build SMS, Voice, and Email campaigns from scratch. With location-based features, you can expand your reach anywhere you want. Take control and take the time you need to perfect and prioritize your messages. Don't forget to wow your audience.

Target marking. Target marketing.

Alerts and notifications

Be on time, every time.

Many of your customers seek convenience. Show them you care by sending timely alerts and important notifications on request.


Ready, aim, act.

Encourage customers to take a step in the right direction. Include URLs in your messages and help them make a decision.

Promotional marketing

Unify all your tricks.

Send offers, increase awareness, conduct surveys, add value. There's so much you can do to enrich your customers' experiences.

Performance monitoring

Turn the control knobs.

It’s easier than ever to be in control of your campaigns. View detailed analytics for all your active services on a single page.

1, 2, 3, 4. Abracadabra.

Add recipients

Add recipients

Curate content

Curate content

Customize campaign

Customize campaign

Send or schedule

Send or schedule

Add recipients

Add recipients

Curate content

Curate content

Customize campaign

Customize campaign

Send or schedule

Send or schedule

Campaign Types

Campaigns lets you send the following types of mass messaging to anyone around the world.

Regular campaigns

Standardized campaigns across all recipients. Ideal for informing customers about sales, offers, and promotions.

Personalized campaigns

Address recipients using personalized smart tokens. Ideal for nurturing loyalty with your customers.

Call-to-action campaigns

Redirect recipients to campaign-specific URLs. Ideal for attracting your customers to a new product and generating traffic.

Survey campaigns

Receive customers' input about a product or service. Ideal for data collection, surveys, and NPS measurement.


Our brand-new Campaigns Dashboard allows you to view detailed analytics for running and finished campaigns. We also have an all-new SMS Report Dashboard where you can access a complete breakdown of your analytics for non-stop improvement.

Analytics and Reporting

Go behind the scenes and become the master of every campaign. Access percentages of sent versus delivered messages. View suggestions to see why messages are undelivered. And view traffic breakdown by country, network, status, and cost.

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Median response time
Overall median response time 6 mins 30 sec
Median conversation length
Overall median response time 12 mins 34 sec

Real-time monitoring

Get a bird's eye view of every campaign to yield the best results. With delivery rates, SMS reports, and country-specific heat maps, you control the data.

Messages Sent
Countries Covered
Total Cost

A perfect fit for every industry.

Reimagine the way you use SMS, Voice, or Email. It's easier than ever to launch massive marketing or engagement campaigns to maximize your objectives. Explore what Campaigns can do in your field.

We chose Campaign Wizard as our go-to messaging solution as it helps us reduce our costs and reach our customers anytime at a large scale. We’re glad we have become business partners.

Ahmed Sabbah

Co-founder and CTO, SWVL


Instant, worldwide message delivery.

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A highly customizable platform with a pay-as-you-go model and cloud architecture support.


Smooth unity across multiple channels and multi-segment audiences.


99.96% uptime with smart routing technologies and regular web penetration testing.


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