Communication 101: Business Messaging Strategies

Aly Osama.

By Aly Osama

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Consumers now consider personalized services a necessity and not a perk. Research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to choose companies that offer personalized attention, and 90% enjoy personalized experiences. Consumers are too sophisticated to tolerate services that are not highly targeted and personalized.

If you haven't embraced this change, your company is suffering. Are you wondering how you can personalize content for thousands of customers and clients without overwhelming your team?

Implement these six strategies for fast and affordable results.

1. Data collection

Your first step should be gathering data and creating an in-depth consumer database using several channels. These channels include retail location purchases, email, social media preferences, mobile phone habits, and website clicks.

You can then use IP recognition software to identify online behaviors and dig into your consumers' personalities and inclinations. This step allows you to tailor their online experience to meet their specific needs. You will be acknowledging them as individuals and separating them from "the crowd." You can easily obtain the needed software through your CPaaS service.

2. Instant Messaging

Consumers hate it when you put them on hold, and they hate hold music even more. While you can't always provide instant service, you can offer instant contact, either by a consumer representative or a chatbot.

By using this resource, you can draw on past interactions to personalize the experience and steer the consumer to the right webpage or company contact. Instant messaging prevents clients from feeling anonymous.

3. Employee introduction

If you have been neglecting your employee profiles, correct that omission. A personalized consumer experience can't happen if your clientele sees you as a faceless business. When consumers can see employee bios and read their profiles, they feel more connected to your company, which makes it easier for them to communicate with you. You and your customers can then have a conversation and not a transaction.

4. Follow up

Remember that follow-up is as important if not more so than the initial contact. Large companies such as Amazon manage this action particularly well. Whenever you shop for athletic shoes or other items, Amazon will generate follow-up emails suggesting similar items. Services like Edfa3ly will IM you reminding you of items left in your cart. You don't have to match this level of follow-up, but you do need to acknowledge any interaction with a consumer. You can send them an email asking if they are satisfied with the service. Have them rate your phone call. Just reach out.

5. Create a Persona

A strong company persona can improve your brand reputation and attract new customers. The persona can be funny or sarcastic, simple or complex, depending on your goals. Latifa and Rashid, the mascots for the Expo 2020 in Dubai, are endearing children who take visitors along on their quest to save the world's climate. Their innocence and enthusiasm attract people of all ages.

You will improve personalization by creating powerful personas for your business. Your characters should represent your company's values, product line, and attitude. If you can make them entertaining, even better. Your customers should look forward to interacting with your company, and strong personas can make that happen.

6. Provide niche marketing options

You can further personalize your communication by reaching out to niche markets. For instance, there is a demand for assistive tech for those with visual impairments and for programs designed to improve virtual meetings.

E-sports and game development are booming niche markets. Consumers love fantasy football, online tournaments, and gaming communities. The demand for these activities is rapidly growing, and you can tailor your message to these consumers. You can send emails, instant messaging, and special links meant to give them exclusive access to online events. This type of outreach cultivates happy and loyal customers.

Personalized communication is meant to make you grow

Times are especially tough right now, leading many consumers to make their purchases online. To acquire and sustain their business, you need to embrace personalized business communication. No one feels valued when you treat them as an anonymous visitor. Instead, use all the tools at hand to acknowledge their identity and history with your company. Tell your consumers who you are, including your values and your mission. Use social media tools and follow-up. By personalizing your business communication, you can do more during this challenging period than survive; you can thrive.



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