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One Platform. Multichannel Conversations.

A simple, yet powerful, conversational platform, built and designed to streamline your business communications. Reach your customers on WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

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Track and manage all conversations
with one Interface

Oversee and monitor all incoming conversations, measure response rates, and enhance your
customers' experience with a hassle-free chat solution.

Engage with customers more efficiently

Easily manage high traffic responses and assign specific conversations to your agents.

Monitor and Measure Insights

Monitor customers' communication and get detailed insights to enhance customers' experience.

Maximize Agent Efficiency

Answer all inquiries by assigning agents to immediately engage in a live chat with customers on the spot.

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Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Agent Grouping

Easily group your agents into teams and departments to better organize customer conversations.

Chat Routing by

Assign and route incoming conversations to agents with pre-configured criteria.

Roles and Permissions

Set and specify different permissions, according to agents' roles and responsibilities.

Leverage Powerful Integration


  • Incorporate bots into your customer chats and free up customer agents to handle the most complicated queries. Bring your bot or we can build one for you.


  • You can integrate CEQUENS Chat with WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, or any other channel of your choice.

Seamless System

  • Integrate with your CRM platforms, database, and system to enhance your organization’s performance.

Take Data-Driven Decisions

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Analyze your customers' responses to enhance their digital experience and attain more conversions.

Realtime Monitoring

Track and monitor all conversations in realtime to understand your customers' behaviors and sentiments.

Chat Archives

Save and secure your customer chats for future acceptability and analysis.

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How CEQUENS Can Help

We understand how communication is a key to keep your customers happy. That’s why we provide a complete solution to help you converse and convert.

MEA-Centric with Global Reach
As a global communication solutions provider with boots on the ground across the MEA region, we've helped many businesses scale up their customer engagement rates.
Tailored Communication Solutions
Our Technical Consultants will work closely with you to build and design a solution that fits your business needs.
Tiered Pricing Packages
Our tailored pricing packages are assembled to suit various business needs , with no setup costs.
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End-To-End Solution Offerings
CEQUENS takes pride in growing its portfolio to offer a single front door to all customer communication needs.

Reach more customers with WhatsApp
Business Solution. Find out how.

Start engaging with 2 billion active users. CEQUENS can help you design
your own business case with no hidden fees.

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Helping Businesses Craft Unique
Conversational Experiences

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Embedded Contact Form

Get to know your visitors
before you start engaging with them.

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Multilingual Platform

Serve and converse with your customers in the language of their choice, be it English or Arabic.

Rich Media Sharing

Delight your customers with rich media conversations, using various media types, like photos, videos, etc.

Looking to add a Chatbot into your
business offering?

CEQUENS can build and deploy a chatbot for you.

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