A new wave of online banking practices

By Mohamed Essam
a family smiling in front of a laptop

Online banking takes on a different note during Ramadan. Banks need to swiftly and seamlessly adapt to how and when clients interact with them during this month.

It is no secret that the holy month translates to a rapid surge in traffic for banks. For example, it is reported that the number of ATM withdrawals in Saudi Arabia alone during the holy month and the Eid holiday is expected to exceed 18 billion riyals (or $4.8 billion). Furthermore, one of the more observed but less talked about trends during Ramadan is that clients use online banking to make donations and pay zakat. 

As a bank, it is imperative to incorporate the right solutions needed to optimize this cycle, particularly in relation to ATM withdrawals, donations, and paying of zakat ahead of Eid al-Fitr. Before we get into the technology recommended for seamless customer journeys, we should first start with the basics, with one tip being to increase ATM availability. Businesses should ensure that their ATMs are well-stocked and available to customers during the holy month, particularly in areas where demand for withdrawals is likely to be high.

Next, businesses should ensure that their online banking platforms are optimized to handle increased traffic and that they are able to handle high volumes of transactions quickly and efficiently.

Now let’s get into CPaaS. As a start, banks should look into increasing their SMS and WhatsApp campaigns to keep in touch with their customers and remind them of their online banking options and the importance of donations and zakat payments. On the other end of things, banks should also ensure that they have adequate customer support in place, as many customers may have questions or need assistance with their transactions. 

The customer engagement cycle during the holy month does not always take place during conventional hours, which is why the use of an AI-powered chatbot is strongly recommended. By leveraging AI-powered chatbot technology, businesses can assist customers with any queries they may have, anytime and from anywhere.

Overall, by implementing these simple solutions, businesses can ensure that their online banking systems are able to handle increased activity during Ramadan, and that they are able to provide customers with the services and support they need during the holy month.