Multichannel Chat

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Inbox routing

The platform learns about the different departments of your business and automatically assigns customer conversations based on a set of pre-configured data.

Agent grouping

You can also group your support agents by department and classify them into teams for a well-arranged conversational experience. Control admin privileges and assign managerial level permissions for a smoother workflow.


Canned responses

Create a unified set of organization-wide responses that adhere to your brand guidelines and tone of voice. Use Canned Responses for instant replies that are up to standards. Agents can choose from a ready-made list of responses that are relevant to different types of conversations.

Chat archive

You can save chats with your customers on a secure platform for continuous accessibility, analysis and continuous improvement.

Multilingual support

Serve your customers in the language of their choice and stay connected wherever they are. Multichannel Chat currently supports English and Arabic.

Rich media

Delight your customers and embed various media types to get your message across. Choose between text, image, animation, audio, video, and attachments.


Chatbot integration

Handle high traffic like a professional by deploying live chatbots tailor-made to your industry. Use Multichannel Chat’s built-in FAQ bot to guide customers through sales and after sales. Chatbots eliminate customer waiting times and can redirect any conversation to an agent whenever needed.

System management

Multichannel Chat works with what you have. That’s what makes it a communication powerhouse. Integrate your organization’s existing systems such as CRM, ERP, or databases and maintain the familiarity of your work.


Message destination

Admins can choose where messages are channeled and pick between internal chatbot, CEQUENS Chatbot, or human agent.


Create customized cards with media and CTA buttons which can be previewed for each channel.

Web Widget

Allow a Chatbot pop-up box to appear on your website for better customer care which can redirect to Multichannel Chat or integrated with any messaging platform.



Supports the creation of several inboxes that can be divided according to different teams and departments as needed.


You can also identify the role and accessibility of each of the agents to be either admin or agent to separate between different permissions. You can also assigned messages to specific agents or give agents the flexibility to assign internally.

Message allocation

Choose which messages go to which inbox (Chatbot only, human agent only, or Chatbot first then human handover).

Canned Responses

Save previous responses to specific inquiries so that agents can reuse later for better productivity and faster response time.


Tag specific conversations with colored labels to help with organization and analysis.



Automatic actions that are taken by the tool depending on the last message received by the customer or sent by the agent. Templates can be sent automatically based on specific word triggers.

Operating hours

You can activate this option and type in your operating hours to automatically appear whenever a customer texts you outside of designated hours.



Monitor your performance across all your subscribed channels. You can filter analytics with either current or historical inquiries, date, inbox, channel, or agent.

Real time

View current conversations that are taking place in real time for better performance monitoring.