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Boost brand performance and conversion rates with immersive shopping experiences such as marketing campaigns, order confirmations, and data surveys.

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Change the game with effortless shopping. Only on Multichannel Chat.

Multichannel Chat is the all-in-one messaging solution for retailers and online stores looking to invest in efficient customer engagement solutions. Through one multifaceted platform, you will have the ability to create and deliver customer experiences that extend to any messaging app.

It works with you, for your customers.

Customer relationships go both ways.

You may want to contact your customers via WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram DMs, or email – and they may want to do that, too. We make it easier for everybody to get what they’re looking for through our multichannel approach.

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It works with you, for your customers.

Quick replies? Recommendations? Sales assistance?

There’s a chatbot for that.

Conversational support is readily available when you deploy a chatbot that suits your business needs. Whether you want to enable your sales team or support team, Chatbot automates the entire process and allows for a personalized e-commerce experience.

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Quick replies? Recommendations? Sales assistance?

Shopping never felt so personal. The good kind of personal.

The ideal equation for customer satisfaction.

Customers like it when you know what they’re looking for. Our analytics and reporting tools give you additional insights into customer preferences, shopping behavior, and item history. We also provide metrics for each of your campaigns, so you know which areas to improve. With the power of information, each customer’s journey will feel relevant and effective.

Security at the helm.

Our Communication Platform is certified with ISO 27001:2013, which means all data and information shared remain safe and impenetrable. We are also compliant with PCI DSS. Whether it’s personal data, payment information, or browsing history, it’s beyond anyone’s reach – including us.

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Security at the helm.

Campaign Wizard

Campaigning made simple(r).

Campaign Wizard

Build SMS, Voice, and Email campaigns from scratch, send them to anyone, anywhere — and see the conversion results for yourself.

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Campaign Wizard


Instant, worldwide message delivery.

Multichannel Chat

Connect through global carriers and send unlimited texts to anyone in the world using our dedicated interface or scalable APIs.

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Multichannel Chat

Empowering Business. Inspiring Innovation.

Our edge is cutting edge.


A highly customizable platform with a pay-as-you-go model and cloud architecture support.


Smooth unity across multiple channels and multi-segment audiences.


99.96% uptime with smart routing technologies and regular web penetration testing.


Regional regulatory awareness that caters to various enterprises worldwide.


milliseconds transit time


route alternatives


billion big data records


priority live support

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