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Multilingual support

Speak the language that represents your brand to appeal to your audience and support your objectives.


Our bots are constantly learning machines which develop themselves automatically to enrich their engagement capabilities and cognitive services.

Flexible deployment

Empower your business technology architecture with cloud and on-premises deployment plans and support with the ability to manage your own content.

Adaptive technology

Adaptive technology stacks allow for smarter chatbots on every conversational communication channel.

Rule-based bots

Convert problems into successful use cases with rule-based scenarios and pre-defined workflows and customer journeys.

Multichannel support

Focus on providing answers while Chatbot supports WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, and more.

Human Handover

Chatbots can redirect customers to enjoy one-on-one consultations with our communication experts with round the clock availability.

Instant insights

Access fresh insights that measure everything from response rates to conversion ratios and more.

Reduced time-to-market

Embrace the future of digitalized interactions by reducing response times and providing immediate experiences.

Product suite integration

Build a conversational bot and integrate it with your existing CRM, business system, or contact center.

Text-to-Speech (Coming Soon)

Customers can use their voice to interact with any chatbot and it will automatically interpret their requests and offer relevant answers.

Misunderstood words

Our chatbots use artificial intelligence to filter certain words they cannot understand for later analysis to be added to their vocabulary.