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Aly Osama.

By Aly Osama

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CEQUENS recently announced a deal with WhatsApp – a subsidiary of Facebook Inc. – to bring WhatsApp Business Solution to our customers in the MEA region and around the globe. WhatsApp Business Solution aims to serve medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises to connect with their customer base on a massive scale and offer their services through the platform.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp has become the world’s most popular messaging app ever since its introduction in 2009. More than 2 billion active users in over 180 countries are on the platform daily to connect with friends and family. With the release of WhatsApp Business two years ago, people also can connect with businesses and their favourite brands.

As a Solution Provider for WhatsApp Business, CEQUENS helps businesses adopt efficient technologies to enhance their communication. WhatsApp Business Solution offers a revamped communication experience for both businesses and customers. Through two available kinds of messages, businesses are guaranteed to empower their customer support teams and witness a significant increase in the efficiency of their operational workflow. Customers on the other hand are more likely to engage with businesses through messaging and especially over WhatsApp as it provides a private and secured platform. Through integrating the WhatsApp Business API, CEQUENS will provide businesses with a two-way communication channel with clients that offers multiple engagement mechanisms, such as Customer Care messages and Notifications.

Notification Messages are automated messages, offered by WhatsApp to enrich the messaging experience between the business and its end user. Fit for multiple industries, these messages can be used to send all sorts of reminders, and alerts to customers.

Customer Care Messages on the other hand, which are known as Session-based Messages, are initiated by the consumer to inquire about certain issues or get support of any kind. Businesses can respond to this type of message through a dedicated chatbot or a human agent, depending on the complexity of the request. This empowers both sides to benefit from instant and effective communication that increases support teams’ efficiency as well as customer satisfaction.

CEQUENS also launched CEQUENS Chat – a complementary web interface allowing brands to engage with customers on the messaging platform of their preference, including WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Apple Chat, Google Chat, SMS, and more. CEQUENS Chat combines multiple conversation platforms into one interface for maximum efficiency. This consolidates CEQUENS’ fully fledged omnichannel approach toward digital transformation, and supports customer service operations with one cohesive platform.

With these end-to-end service offerings, CEQUENS takes pride in introducing fully-fledged and affordable customer communication for businesses across the globe.


The Many Benefits of CEQUENS Chat

  • Tracking and managing multiple conversations on different apps through one interface.
  • Measuring insights and monitoring customer engagement through detailed reports.
  • Maximizing efficiency and decreasing customer wait times.
  • Seamless system management through integrating CRM or ERP systems for better performance.
  • Chatbot integration through incorporating the brand’s bot or letting CEQUENS build one.


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CEQUENS can help

We're a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region that aims to bridge communication gaps in a communication-driven world.

Powered by innovation and guided by a Cloud-First and Mobile-First approach, we provide omnichannel communication services and APIs that enable enterprises and developers to communicate with their customer base worldwide.

As an Endeavor Entrepreneur and GSMA associate member, CEQUENS plays a pivotal role in transforming communication in the region.

CEQUENS proprietary, PCI/DSS compliant Communication Platform leverages the latest cloud technologies and features a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions that are industry-focused, agile, scalable, and cost-effective.

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