CEQUENS Chats - Episode 3 - Dark Clouds, AIT & Other Scary Things



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CEQUENS Chats 3.

CEQUENS Chats is a recorded series of interviews with the CEQUENS team that covers all things tech, innovation, and industry leadership to help businesses take the lead in the digital transformation journey. In this bi-monthly series we take building meaningful connections to new heights by interviewing CEQUENS’s finest on everything from regional startup trends and effective B2B marketing strategies to breakthroughs in omnichannel technology and company-level digital transformation initiatives.

Our third guest is Hania Tolba, VP Global Accounts, Partners & Service Desk.

In this episode, Hania shares the questions you, as a business, should be asking before partnering with a CPaaS solutions provider including the dangers of Artificially Inflated Traffic and grey routing. She always shares invaluable insight on what you can do to curb it. Listen to the full interview below.


Looking for a trusted communication solutions partner? CEQUENS can help.

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