EX, diversity, and other trends reshaping the corporate landscape



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Hania Tolba.

Ever wondered how Employee Experience (EX) isn't just about workplace dynamics? Hania Tolba, CEQUENS VP Global Accounts & Partners, shares how trending practices in EX are reshaping the corporate landscape in the MEA region through fostering a culture of employee empowerment. 

The impact of EX on business growth in the MEA region is unmistakable, and there’s no denying that EX stands as a catalyst for reshaping business success. According to Gallup, highly engaged workforces outperform peers by 147% in earnings per share. Moreover, a McKinsey study highlights that gender-diverse companies are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability.

When it comes to cultivating inclusive cultures, how are tech companies in the MEA region promoting gender diversity and inclusivity?

Tech companies in the MEA region are championing inclusivity by embedding diversity into their organizational fabric. Companies like Careem are fostering gender diversity through initiatives promoting women's empowerment and leadership development. These endeavors aim to create inclusive work environments where diversity thrives.

We know that flexible work arrangements support work-life balance, but the real question is, how?

Flexibility is key, especially with the evolution of remote work. Microsoft's policies in the MEA region for example, offering flexibility in work schedules and locations, not only promote work-life balance but also increase women's participation in the workforce, setting the stage for a more inclusive corporate landscape.

As a woman in leadership with decades of experience, we have to ask, what contributions do women make to shaping EX?

Women play a pivotal role in shaping EX. Their unique perspectives and leadership styles contribute significantly to fostering a positive workplace culture. Research indicates that gender-diverse teams are more innovative as women bring diverse viewpoints, enhancing collaboration and driving creativity within teams, thus contributing significantly to EX.

How are companies investing in training and mentorship programs to empower women in tech-related fields within the MEA region?

Learning and development are crucial components of EX. PwC's research underscores that 74% of employees consider growth opportunities essential for job satisfaction. In the MEA, tech giants like IBM and Oracle are investing in tailored training programs and mentorship initiatives aimed at closing the gender gap in tech-related fields, empowering women to excel in their careers.

In what ways does technology enhance EX?

Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping EX, particularly in the MEA region. Innovative digital HR platforms, such as those offered by Dubai-based company Bayzat, provide flexible benefits and personalized experiences. These technologies enhance employee satisfaction and engagement, contributing to a positive EX.

By prioritizing EX, gender inclusivity, and recognizing the significant contributions of women, these companies create empowering environments conducive to success.

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