WhatsApp Business Solution

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Streamlined experience

Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts with WhatsApp by adding a "Send Message" button.

Unlimited storage

Send and receive texts, images, video, contacts, and locations without worrying about storage.

Security compliance

WhatsApp's platform is end-to-end encrypted meaning every conversation stays between you and your valued customers.

Database management

WhatsApp Business APIs allow you to cleanup your databases and screen incoming messages.

Brand image

Ensure higher brand consistency with message templates pre-approved by WhatsApp.

High performance

Ensure a 100% delivery rate with up to 250 messages per second and 100K unique customers each day.

Opt-In requirement

Customers must always choose to receive messages from your business to help you establish brand trust.

Account management

Create your business profile on WhatsApp and add useful information such as operating hours, product portfolios, and contact information.