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Increase your messaging deliverability ratio via smart routing and number lookup

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Higher Usage, Lower Costs

Developed and primarily built by Cequens, *TrueNorth is a smart routing platform that allows you to identify ported numbers generated from MNP – whenever you terminate messages – through number lookup. Using our adaptive routing engine, TrueNorth will help you overcome cross-net operational costs and deliver your messages swiftly and on time. Our communication solution supports your businesses to identify and validate contact numbers in any country or region for multiple use, whether for mobile number verification, identity confirmation, alerts and notifications, etc. With our premium communication solution, you can guarantee a hassle-free messaging experience and a seamless digital transformation for your business through prioritizing your traffic termination and increasing your SMS delivery ratio. Giving you the full visibility to observe how the solution increases your quality efficiencies, Cequens TrueNorth surely improves your customer satisfaction, and eventually increases your overall ROI.

*TrueNorth was developed to primarily address the exceedingly high costs, related to ported numbers in specific countries. Read one of our many case studies on our NewsRoom.

How TrueNorth works

Key Benefits of our TrueNorth

  • Digital Transformation-1
    Digital Transformation Enablement
    With Cequens TrueNorth, you will ensure higher delivery rates and reduce costs at the same time, while digitally transforming your various ways of communication.
  • Communication Quality and Cost Efficiency
    Communication Quality and Cost Efficiency
    Guarantee the quality of delivery of your messages and eliminate unnecessary high cross-net charges via real-time number lookup.
  • Seamless Failover between Channels
    Seamless Failover between Channels
    Maintain your connectivity through different channels without affecting the performance your communication or any type of message termination.
  • One Center
    One Center for your On-Premise Solution
    Enjoy Cequens’ tailored solutions that cater to your business messaging needs in one place and give you the opportunity to manage all your communication on-prem.

Our TrueNorth Capabilities

Smart Message Routing
Smart Message Routing
Connect directly to major signaling networks and ensure the delivery of your messages through real-time HLR number lookup.
Operator Automatic Failover-1
Automatic Failover
Monitor and detect any failed connection from operators and automatically switch traffic to the connection you use as backup.
Inbound & Outbound Messages
Inbound & Outbound Message Processing
Easily send and receive your preferable type of messages and configure its path and its content on-premise.
OTP Traffic Management-1
OTP Traffic Management
Set the priority of your OTP traffic over other types of messages, while detecting the expired ones and preventing from termination.
Control and Monitoring Dashboard
Control and Monitoring Dashboard
Access various set of actions to manage your connections and message termination using a web interface that allows you to explore reporting details as well.
Alerts & Notifications
Alerts and Notifications
Access daily reports of the messages you terminated and receive instant alerts whenever a connection fails to stay updated with you communication workflows.

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