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API 101: Number Discovery API

Number Discovery API

Number Discovery, otherwise known as Number Lookup, is a service that provides real-time insight on phone numbers by querying a central database. The intelligence provided includes the validity and status of the phone number, the country and mobile network the number is associated with, as well as portability and roaming information.

Before the emergence of Number Discover APIs, companies had to expend a lot of time and resources to validate mobile numbers. Today, Number Discovery APIs that are supported by direct SS7 partnerships can be used to reduce the number of undelivered messages.

It helps businesses manage their marketing budgets effectively by checking the validity and operational status of mobile numbers before connecting customers. When the numbers are verified, texts can be delivered rapidly, securely, and reliably.

When every text is delivered with little to no-delay, companies can also ensure that they aren’t wasting their promotional resources.

Key Benefits of integrating a Number Discovery API:

  1. Automated database cleaning
  2. Boost delivery rates
  3. Cut Costs
  4. Enhanced quality
  5. Fraud prevention



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