5 Reasons Why You Should Use WhatsApp Business API

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use WhatsApp Business API

5 Reasons Why You Should Use WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp is the most popular chat platform in the world with over 1.6 billion active users across 180 different countries. An estimated 65 billion messages are exchanged per day. This has undoubtedly caught the attention of business owners who have seen the chat platform as a hotbed for business opportunities. 

However, there is a major difference between using WhatsApp for your business and subscribing to the WhatsApp Business API. If you’re running a middle or large company, you’ll benefit significantly from the latter. 

WhatsApp in Modern Businesses

Using WhatsApp for your business is a simple and effective process. All you need to do is set up a WhatsApp Business account where you will reach out to your customers. The steps are straightforward - download WhatsApp Business from your mobile’s app store, verify your number, set up your business account and you’re set for business. 

This is the quickest way to use WhatsApp for your business needs, but it doesn’t utilize its advanced features. For starters, such an arrangement places great limits on the scalability and outreach of your business. The account is limited to a single agent (yourself) via a single device. However, with a WhatsApp Business API powered by a solutions provider like CEQUENS, the sky is truly the limit. 

Basics of the WhatsApp Business API

API refers to application program interface. With that said, the WhatsApp API digs deep into the core functionalities of the WhatsApp software to provide users with the flexibility of customization for their business needs. This means that WhatsApp can be conveniently integrated with software stacks like CRMs and analytics to enable a comprehensive business solution. 

1. Secure Message Encryption

WhatsApp provides users with a highly secure end-to-end user encryption that safeguards all confidential data. Data security remains a priority in the Digital Age and WhatsApp lives up to the latest mobile security standards. End-to-end technology means that content is only viewable by sender and recipient, without any third-party accessibility - not even WhatsApp.

2. Widely Used Across Industries

The global chat platform is widely used by business across various industries. This eliminates any downtime that may result from installation and program orientation processes. You'll be able to connect with your customers right away through a platform that they're already comfortable and familiar with. This can help improve the overall user experience of your customers and the perception of your brand.

3. Global Outreach

WhatsApp enables communication with most parts of the world, providing seamless services and the opportunity for business scalability. The chat interface supports calls and video-conferencing, which can maintain and strengthen international customer relationships. This is especially effective in the modern age where most consumers are constantly connected to WhatsApp on a daily basis.

4. Two-Way Messaging Interface

Modern consumers are constantly seeking personalized marketing that caters to their unique needs. WhatsApp Business API enables consumers to directly contact businesses from the convenience of their WhatsApp accounts. This integrated process provides a fuss-free humanized approach to customer support, online bookings/orders and the overall consumer experience. Automated notifications and updates may be effective but at the end of the day, customers are more assured by the presence of a live service representative.

5. Interactive Platform

WhatsApp API supports multiple chat attachments such as audio, documents, videos, and links among others. This enables businesses to mix and match their customer outreach strategies to achieve the best results. Static text campaigns are gradually being replaced by dynamic content, which is more likely to capture and retain the attention of customers. The API can help boost customer engagement and experience to better promote the message of your brand.




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