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Quality index

Assess your delivery rates by benchmarking them against the shared quality index so you always stay ahead of the competition.

Number lookup

Allows you to validate the numbers in your database to guarantee delivery to all valid numbers regardless of their MNP status.

Global carriers

Get access to 700+ global carriers including 85+ in the Middle East and Africa which make up more than 80% of operators in the region.

Dynamic routing

Your messages are accurately delivered every minute of every day via intelligent primary and backup routes.

Local compliance

Gain credibility and guarantee compliance with local regulations and restrictions through pre-defined routing rules.

Message prioritization

Use sub-accounts to establish a solid delivery timeline based on traffic type and deliver what matters most first.


Built-in security

Your text messages are hosted on the cloud so you can guarantee the highest encryption levels available to date.

Security alerts

Receive security alerts and apply two-factor authentication to protect your interface from unwanted access.

Data Analysis

Live tracking

Track the live status of your messages via our interface and leave no text undelivered.

Multilingual encoding

Maintain proximity between your business and your customers through our character encoding feature with multilingual support.

Delivery reports

Receive daily reports including status, non-delivery reasons, and optimization suggestions.

Multiple interfaces

Experience the easiest and most secure integrations with HTTP and SMPP support.