Campaign Wizard

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Quick SMS

Test your connectivity, engage in smaller campaigns, and achieve faster send rates – all without pre-configuration.

Multiple messages

Analyze user-specific data to see if a customer has more than one open support query.

Groups and Contacts

Contact management

Upload your contacts list once and you won’t have to update it manually every new campaign.

Groups filter

Create contact groups and filter your database to remove invalid or duplicate user profiles.

A/B testing

Accelerate the feedback loop and guarantee immediate responses from your customers by split-testing different calls-to-action.

Focused segmentation

Guarantee reliable results and avoid extra costs by segmenting and selecting the right audience, down to the last message.


User profiles

Assign individual roles and responsibilities to all user profiles and avoid operational hassles.

External integrations

Integrate our platform with your systems and third-party applications to experience the wonders of real-time engagement.

Easy accessibility

Enjoy the unlimited features of our user-friendly platform that is specifically designed to help marketers create effortless campaigns.

Revenue increase

Ensure the success of your SMS, Voice, or Email campaigns, increase your business revenue, and attain higher conversion rates.