How Are Voice Surveys Effective in Getting Customer Feedback?

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How Are Voice Surveys Effective in Getting Customer Feedback?

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Do you wish you could read your customers' minds? It's difficult to improve your products, services and practices without knowing what buyers are thinking. You may get reviews here and there, but that's not always enough feedback to build off of. Voice surveys are one method you can use to get inside the heads of consumers.

How Voice Surveys can help your Business

1. Get Your Message to Many People at Once

You don't need to have your employees call customers following purchases. Instead, you automate this process so you can reach a greater number of people in a short period. When you use voice surveys as part of an integrated campaign, this scalable tactic helps you stay on schedule.

2. Personalize Your Message

You can use text-to-speech technology to personalize each message on a large scale as you send it out. Since your customers probably receive many generic surveys and communications on a regular basis, you want to catch their attention and separate yourself from those poor experiences.

Personalization allows you to drive higher engagement and get insights into particular areas of that customer's experience with your brand.

3. Open Up Communication Channels

Sometimes customers have problems that are enough to make them give up your brand, but not serious enough to motivate them to call in. When you use voice surveys to reach out to consumers, you're proactively opening up a communication channel. You may be able to save the relationship with that buyer thanks to the survey. Even if they're not interested in purchasing from you again, you may be able to find out the reason why they left.

4. Discover Opportunities for Additional Feedback

Since you're surveying a large portion of your customer base, you may hear feedback that leads you to new engagement opportunities. If many people express the same opinions about a product feature, you can delve deeper into their insights in that area.

Voice Surveys Drawbacks

1. Many People Dislike Auto-callers

You may end up irritating some people with a voice broadcast, as they dislike automated calling. They have probably had bad experiences in the past, or they could be a victim of a phone scam.

One way to try to reassure your customers is to be upfront about what the call is about. Let them know what you're interested in learning about via their feedback, and if there's any incentive for them to take the survey.

2. May Come Off as Impersonal

Another drawback to voice surveys is that some customers may feel like they're too impersonal. Since they aren't talking one-on-one to a person, they could feel like their opinion doesn't actually matter.

The pros of voice surveys greatly outweigh the cons. While you want to keep the disadvantages in mind, the advantages give you an excellent way to reach out to your customers to find out what's on their minds.

Get More Customer Feedback With Voice Surveys

A voice survey is a valuable tool in learning more about what your customers are really thinking. They scale up and down easily, give you control over personalization and don't require a massive expenditure of human resources. The next time you're exploring ways to get more information about the customer experience, consider using voice surveys.




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