Two-Way SMS: Effective Customer Interaction for Business Growth

Two-Way SMS: Effective Customer Interaction for Business Growth

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Businesses usually send promotional information about their products or services to their target audience via SMS, which may or may not be welcome. They also send notifications, alerts or reminders to those who have opted to receive them.

If the intention of the messages is to relay information, A2P or one-way SMS messaging will do. However, if businesses wish to interact with their customers, they should be able to receive messages too. Here’s how two-way SMS can help

Two-way SMS: Best Practices

Businesses should adopt the following best practices when they use two-way SMS.

  • Ensure that the receiver has consciously chosen to receive text messages.
  • Focus on receivers' requirements upon receiving permission to engage with them.
  • Always provide accurate information.
  • Keep all messages short and clear.
  • Be mindful of the receivers' circumstances and preferences when soliciting feedback.
  • Engage receivers only in ways they prefer.
  • Remember that every message is an opportunity to build trust and goodwill or to lose them.

Despite the advent of many new modes of communication, SMS has always retained its popularity. Businesses should use this simple, flexible tool to interact with their target audience and gain respect and loyalty.

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