Hassan Kamal, Carrier Relations Senior Manager



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Meet Hassan, Carrier Relations Senior Manager

How do you start your day? 

I start my day early enough to do my morning rituals before the business day starts. Then, I usually enjoy a big cup of Turkish coffee while I skim through my email to check for urgent matters and jot down the plan for the day.

What is it that you do exactly?

As part of the Carrier Relations team, I approach mobile operators worldwide to build bridges to expand CEQUENS’s direct connections. I emphasize to mobile operators that partnering with CEQUENS is a synergy to achieve something bigger, not only for a healthy and growing SMS revenue, but also for CPaaS, Discovery, and other products in the CEQUENS portfolio that bring more value to MNOs. So, I follow the sun east to west, nurturing current partnerships and formulating new ones.

Describe the company in three words.

Dynamic, fast-paced, energetic.

What/who inspires you inside CEQUENS? 

Everyone in the company is result-oriented and supportive. When you are in a situation, it’s easy to bridge everyone on a Teams call where people focus on solving the problem and nothing else matters.


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