Acquire and retain customers in Ramadan using live chat apps

Ahmed Ehab.

By Ahmed Ehab

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Multichannel conversation.
Understanding Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, is crucial for any business operating in countries with Muslim populations. In fact, Ramadan presents many marketing opportunities as market dynamics change during the month.

With around 2 billion Muslims in more than 49 countries, Ramadan is one of the most popular occurrences around the world. Ramadan is a time for fasting, prayer, and spiritual healing for Muslims. However, it is also a time of celebration and joy for Muslim communities.

Muslims celebrate the month with family and loved ones. They often gather around Iftar, the breaking of the fast meal, or Sohour, the pre-fast meal. Shopping for gifts and gathering preparations is at an all-time high during the month.

During Ramadan, the most prominent increase in demand is for groceries, with 75% of Ramadan observers expecting to buy more groceries in Ramadan. Approaching the end of the month, Ramadan observers prepare for Eid El Fitr holiday, which is a celebration of the completion of Ramadan. Preparations for Eid see 40% of consumers buying more Beauty and Care products. Similar increases in spending are also witnessed in fashion and travel for Eid.

Ramadan shopping hikes are an opportunity for brands to increase their sales. With 82% of shoppers using their mobile phones for shopping in Ramadan, a multichannel conversational experience can help drive more sales and customer satisfaction.

Live chat has a positive impact on sales, revenue, and loyalty as declared by 79% of businesses. Furthermore, 52% of customers said they remain loyal to brands that offer live chat. While 38% of customers stated that they are more likely to buy from a brand that offers live chat.

Evidently, brands can use live chat to acquire and retain customers in Ramadan. Having a tool that facilitates multichannel chat with customers can do wonders to absorb the Ramadan hike and boost sales.

CEQUENS Omnichannel Chat

Harnessing a combination of intuitive design and a diverse set of features, CEQUENS Omnichannel Chat brings multichannel interactions into a single interface. Users can create and deliver customer experiences that extend to any messaging app through one platform. The platform supports the most popular messaging channels among consumers – namely WhatsApp Business API, Messenger API, Instagram API, Apple Business Chat API, Google GBM API, and more. It also brings integration capabilities with website chat widgets, making it a well-rounded customer care solution for various industries.

The hassle-free, end-to-end solution manages the masses of messages that businesses receive every day in one interface, increasing efficiency and decreasing disarray. Enabling the customer care department to manage high traffic through either live chat engagement or chatbot deployment, which is one of the main features the platform offers. Industry-specific scenarios are designed for chatbots to maintain messaging consistency and ensure a non-stop flow of timely responses. This furthermore heightens the experience, resulting in improved levels of customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of using CEQUENS Omnichannel Chat?

  • Tracking and managing multiple conversations on different apps through one interface.
  • Measuring insights and monitoring customer engagement through detailed reports.
  • Maximizing efficiency and decreasing customer wait times.
  • Seamless system management through integrating CRM or ERP systems for better performance.
  • Chatbot integration through incorporating the brand’s bot or letting CEQUENS build one.

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We're a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider. Our mission is to bridge communication gaps in a communication-driven world.

Born in the digital era, CEQUENS was founded in response to the increasing challenges facing enterprise communication. We started as an SMS aggregator and gradually crafted a path toward omnichannel CPaaS solutions.

For 11 years, our innovation has empowered thousands of businesses to create and deliver communication experiences finetuned to their industries. Our cloud-based, PCI/DSS compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified Communication Platform is the award-winning, end-to-end solution helping businesses realize their full potential and go digital.

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