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Be there. Where it matters the most.

Unleash your website's true potential and turn visits into closed deals by engaging with your customers where it is most effective.

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Web Widget
Trusted by 400+ businesses worldwide.
Instantly transform visits into leads.

Show up in the right place at the right time. Web Widget is the perfect tool designed to immediately capture leads on your website, carrying you miles closer to your market.

Present the most value in the most convenient way.

Take your customers by the hand, find out exactly what they need, and present your most fitting recommendations through clever cards.

Provide exceptional support standards.

Be there for your customers. Effortlessly answer their queries by deploying a chatbot or making use of Web Widget's automation features. Route the conversation to the most suitable agent in real-time if required.

Engineered for success.

Explore Web Widget's customer-focused features and easily deliver results and exceed expectations.

A perfect fit for every industry.

Assist and convert customers directly from your website. Integrate Web Widget and power it with a pre-scripted chatbot that caters to everyone in your industry.

Multichannel Chat

Single interface. Multiple interactions.

Multichannel Chat

Offer customer support and brand engagement with multichannel integrations on WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Google RCS, and more.

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Multichannel Chat


Virtual assistants that do all the work.


Deploy artificially intelligent chatbots with 24/7 availability and witness the unity of human and digital customer interactions.

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Empowering Business. Inspiring Innovation.

Our edge is cutting edge.


A highly customizable platform with a pay-as-you-go model and cloud architecture support.


Smooth unity across multiple channels and multi-segment audiences.


99.96% uptime with smart routing technologies and regular web penetration testing.


Regional regulatory awareness that caters to various enterprises worldwide.


milliseconds transit time


route alternatives


billion big data records


priority live support

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