Flattening the COVID-19 curve at CEQUENS Café

By Noha Abdeltawab

Last week we launched our new CEQUENS Café initiative to reconnect virtually with all of our team members. The initiative was a huge success. It was a chance for us to recap on how we spend our time while working from home and share our quarantine stories.

Staying at home is our first step towards flattening the curve and combating the threat of COVID-19. We plan to continue arranging this event on a daily basis to support our community during this critical time and ensure their safety.

We have also taken extra steps to practice social distancing during this pandemic, such as temporarily prohibiting all domestic and international travels and conducting 100% online meetings across all our offices.

"The spirit of our core values “Customer Fanatics,” “Yes-Minded,” and “Accountable Doers” has never been more relevant as it is today," stated Karim Khorshed, our Co-founder and CEO. 

CEQUENS currently serves numerous business sectors across local and global regions, such as banking, fintech, healthcare, transportation, e-commerce, and more.

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We're a leading Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider that aims to bridge communication gaps in a communication-driven world.

Powered by innovation and guided by a Cloud-First and Mobile-First approach, we provide omnichannel communication services and APIs that enable enterprises and developers to communicate with their customer base worldwide.

CEQUENS proprietary, PCI/DSS compliant Communication Platform leverages the latest cloud technologies and features a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions that are industry-focused, agile, scalable, and cost-effective.

As an Endeavor Entrepreneur and GSMA associate member, CEQUENS plays a pivotal role in transforming communication in the region.


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