CEQUENS hosts #AWSEgypt meetup series

By Noha Abdeltawab

Setting the stage for our technology enthusiasts to share their knowledge and expertise about cloud communications and business messaging, CEQUENS has begun hosting a series of meetups for the AWS Egypt – Facebook User Group in Cairo.

“Topics related to AWS Cloud, CI/CD, serverless architecture, and web development have become of high interest to software engineers who are kicking off their careers,” Ahmed Ayoub, interim Head of Engineering, stated. “It was quite essential for CEQUENS to contribute to such a valuable event, as we take pride in pioneering the global cloud business communication industry,” he added.

The first event was held in December 2019, as we started with an introduction about CEQUENS and how it all began. Presented by Horeya Mostafa, our AWS-certified Engineering Manager, she showcased the capabilities and services that we offer, and how we managed to help businesses streamline their communication solutions while reducing operational costs.

Later, Hussein El-Sayed, Engineering Manager, spoke about our culture and how we have recently begun implementing a scaled, agile model – inspired by the Spotify experience. He also discussed how our Engineering team practices the agile methodology to manage short cycles of feedback, and the reasons behind choosing Amazon Web Services (AWS) to elevate our cloud-based Communication Platform.

Additionally, Ahmed Metwally, Solutions Architect and Co-Founder of the #AWSEgypt group, opened his talk by expressing his excitement, “I’ve been wishing for this meetup to happen for as long as I can remember. I am very proud of how we managed to bring you all together today in such short period of time.” Ahmed introduced the AWS Lambda; a serverless computing platform, while providing details on how using it can be more efficient for managing resources and specific code requirements.

AWS Meetup

The meetup was a great success, as Ahmed Shendi, AWS-certified expert, delivered the final talk by describing what EC2 is, how it is fundamentally built to provide secure, scalable computing capacity for the cloud, and demonstrating ways of deploying applications without hardware constraints.

“Building and manually deploying containerized services is a slow process and can allow too many errors. Continuous delivery with automated build-and-test mechanisms helps detect errors earlier, saves time, and reduces failures, making this method a popular model for application deployments. Now it has become easier to set up a continuous delivery pipeline, using the AWS Developer Tools for CI/CD,” commented Shendi.

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