CEQUENS Introduces Revolutionary CEQUENS AI Agent: Transforming Customer Engagement Like Never Before

Vanja Novakovic.

By Vanja Novakovic

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 1, 2023 — CEQUENS, a trailblazer in AI and customer engagement solutions, is ecstatic to announce the launch of our groundbreaking CEQUENS AI Agent. Engineered to set a new benchmark in customer service and support, this next-gen product offers unparalleled customization, effortless integration, and a plethora of feature-rich capabilities — all packaged within an intuitive user interface.  

Quick and easy deployment

One of the most striking aspects of the CEQUENS AI Agent is its rapid deployment capability. With a highly intuitive setup process, businesses can have their AI Agent operational in as little as three minutes. This makes it a perfect solution not only for large corporations, but also for startups eager to engage with their customers instantly.

Rich functionality through visual composition

CEQUENS AI Agent transcends the limitations of mere text prompts by offering a visually rich composition environment. Through its graphical user interface, users can customize the AI Agent for a wide range of business scenarios, offering a level of flexibility that sets it apart from competitors.

Data-driven personalization

CEQUENS AI Agent stands out for its ability to use your own data to inform its responses. Whether it's information drawn from documents, web pages, or platforms like Notion, the CEQUENS AI Agent can utilize this data to offer personalized, context-sensitive interactions.

Seamless GPT and LLM integration

For businesses concerned about adopting new technologies, worry no more. CEQUENS AI Agent offers hassle-free onboarding with native support for the latest GPT models. Additionally, the platform has integrated tools for optimizing Language Learning Models (LLMs), ensuring that the AI is always learning and improving.

Transparency and continuous improvement

CEQUENS believes in a transparent approach to AI. The interactive interface of the CEQUENS AI Agent allows businesses to review chat logs, annotate data, and even observe the AI’s decision-making process. This not only helps in keeping the AI accountable but also enables continuous improvements, making your AI Agent smarter over time.

Multi-platform availability

Understanding the need for businesses to be where their customers are, CEQUENS AI Agent can be published across a variety of channels, from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to Mobile Apps and Web Widgets, offering unparalleled reach.

"Our new CEQUENS AI Agent is far more than just a new product; it is a paradigm shift," said Karim Khorshed, CEQUENS CEO. "The combination of user-friendly design, data-driven customization, and insightful analytics makes it an indispensable tool for any business aiming to excel in customer engagement."

In a world driven by data and digital experiences, CEQUENS AI Agent empowers businesses to create more meaningful connections with their customers. Say goodbye to generic interactions and hello to intelligent conversations that build lasting relationships.

Be among the first to experience the future of customer engagement – sign up for early access now and unlock the power of CEQUENS AI Agent.


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