CEQUENS now offers Microsoft Teams Phone solution for workplaces

Aly Osama.

By Aly Osama

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CEQUENS today announced that it will enable Microsoft Teams Phone to its customers by being a value-added service provider for Microsoft. Teams Phone is a cloud-based phone system that lets users make and receive phone calls over the internet. 

CEQUENS will provide the service in Saudi Arabia before rolling out in other countries. Based on Microsoft’s regional availability, CEQUENS offers Microsoft Teams Calling Plans and Direct Routing for businesses of any size. 

Teams Phone creates a reliable and scalable communication experience for employees. It replaces traditional PBXs and enables cloud-based calling on any device. This lets users handle calls internally removing long-distance call costs. Teams Phone also transforms remote work environments by connecting more than 500,000 employees at the same time. 

CEQUENS provides businesses with low-cost plans and enables all features that may not be regionally compatible via Microsoft. Through this partnership, CEQUENS offers the following: 

  • Remote work enablement and company-wide communication management. 
  • Reduced infrastructure costs. 
  • Integration with different systems and 3rd party applications. 
  • Multi-device interconnectivity. 

Microsoft Teams Phone is an ideal workplace solution for staying connected anywhere in the world. Powered with high-grade encryption, users can make secure phone calls through the cloud. The app also works on any device connected to the internet, making it a flexible option for making international calls at local prices.  

CEQUENS enables Microsoft Teams Phone for customers with carrier-grade telephony and reliable call quality. Teams Phone simplifies any organization’s IT infrastructure for an improved employee experience. By subscribing to Microsoft Teams Phone from CEQUENS, your business will get the following: 

  • Rapid on-cloud deployment​ 
  • Seamless integration with PSTN and GSM for MS Teams​ 
  • Customized calling plans optimized for price​ 
  • Server reliability and call quality​ 
  • Reduced cost (PAYG)​ 
  • Expanded service reach​ 
  • Bring Your Own Connectivity​ 
  • Full functionality of Microsoft Phone System​ 
  • Dedicated landline and mobile number​ 
  • CITC license for SIP, voice minutes, and CCaaS​ 
  • Improving customer satisfaction​ 
  • Full capabilities of Microsoft Phone System​ 

For more information, contact our sales representatives here.

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