WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling is a mobile phone feature that permits users to make voice calls and send text messages using a WiFi network instead of a cellular network. When cellular coverage is weak or unavailable, WiFi Calling provides an alternative method for communication, ensuring that users can stay connected even in areas with poor cellular reception.

Key aspects and advantages of WiFi Calling include:

Improved Connectivity: WiFi Calling enables users to make calls and send messages in areas with limited or no cellular coverage, such as basements or rural locations.

Cost Savings: WiFi Calling allows users to avoid international roaming charges when traveling abroad by using WiFi for communication.

Seamless Transition: WiFi Calling offers a seamless transition between WiFi and cellular networks, ensuring uninterrupted communication as users move between different coverage areas.

Enhanced Indoor Coverage: WiFi Calling provides a solution for indoor areas where cellular signals may struggle to penetrate effectively.

WiFi Calling is a valuable feature that enhances connectivity and communication options for mobile users, ensuring reliable communication even in challenging network conditions.