Web Real-Time Communication

WebRTC, or Web Real-Time Communication, is an open-source project and technology that facilitates real-time communication between web browsers. It allows for peer-to-peer communication of audio, video, and data without requiring any additional plugins or software installations. WebRTC has applications in video conferencing, online gaming, file sharing, and more.

Key aspects and advantages of WebRTC include:

Real-Time Audio and Video: WebRTC enables seamless real-time audio and video communication directly within web browsers.

P2P Connectivity: WebRTC supports peer-to-peer connectivity, reducing the need for centralized servers for communication.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: WebRTC is supported by major web browsers, ensuring compatibility across various platforms and devices.

Security: WebRTC provides encryption and security features to safeguard communication and data privacy.

WebRTC has significantly contributed to enhancing online communication experiences, making real-time communication more accessible and efficient for users.